The pregnant wife of National Hockey League (NHL) star Evander Kane ripped her husband in a post on social media, claiming that her husband was a gambling addict who tanked games for profit.

Anna Kane also accused the San Jose Sharks' forward of abandoning her with their toddler to party in Europe while the bank was taking their house.

Evander Kane was placed at the hot seat after the Saturday Instagram stories of the NHL star's pregnant wife emerged. According to New York Post, the claims of Anne Kane prompted an investigation by the NHL. 

The NHL mentioned in a Twitter post that the league was aware of the posts and intended to conduct a full investigation on the matter.

In the series of posts, Anna Kane painted the NHL star as an addict who had left her with no money to even buy formula for their daughter.

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Accusations Against NHL Star Evander Kane Lead to Investigation

In her posts, Anne Kane wrote: "How does the NHL let a compulsive gambling addict still play when he's obviously throwing games to win money?"

The manager of the San Jose Sharks' forward, Karl Mullins, denied the allegations and told The Post that the claims were serious, but they were not true.

Mullins noted that they had been advised not to say or disclose any information right now. He said the couple was "just having problems." 

NHL Star Evander Kane Speaks Out

In a statement he posted on social media on Sunday, the San Jose Sharks' forward denied the accusations by whom he had called his "soon to be his ex-wife." 

Evander Kane said he had never gambled or bet on hockey, especially any San Jose Sharks games. The NHL star also emphasized that he had never thrown his own hockey games, adding that he was looking forward to cooperating fully with the league's investigation.

Despite the advice from his legal team, Evander Kane felt strongly that the public and fans should hear things directly from himHe said he personally had the best season of his career last year and was the most consistent throughout any season.

Evander Kane noted he loves the game of hockey and would never do any of what was alleged. The NHL star claimed that his wife was "mentally unwell" and just using their daughter as leverage.

Two years after signing his seven-year, $49 million contract, with the San Jose Sharks, Evander Kane filed for bankruptcy in California in January. 

Aside from the bankruptcy filing, the NHL star was sued by a Las Vegas casino over alleged $500,000 gambling debt in November 2019.

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