This is the era of technology and digitization, so no business should want to track time and effort manually. With the help of an efficient time tracker app, you can easily calculate the hours at work spent by your employees without any additional hassles, and errors. If you have field employees or work from home, cloud-based apps can track the time from anywhere and on any device. This feature makes it really easy to use.

Employee time tracking can sometimes feel like a task laden with hassles without much gain. Many companies see this task as an administrative headache that might affect the employees' overall productivity, creativity, and focus.

But, in the real world, time tracking offers a lot of benefits.

Some of the most significant benefits include -

  1. Accurate billing- When you use a good time tracking app, it will help you to keep track of what your employees are doing or what project they are working on. They will not have to fill up the timesheets manually, which is a rigorous and non-productive time-consuming task. The app will automatically create a list of billable hours, with accurate and minute details on the timesheet, making your billing process efficient and easy.
  2. Project management- As you understand the average time taken for completing a given project, you will write a better proposal for the next project. You can feed in all the project details to the app, and they will help you make correct estimations in real-time. It is an effective tool that makes project management easier and also helps to lower the costs associated with delays.
  3. Enhanced productivity- Time tracking apps are the best to help you reach your goals and increase your efficiency. When employees know that each of their work is tracked down, it will improve their focus and, thus, productivity too.
  4. Progress- Apart from providing the timesheet, the time trackers can also provide other helpful data. For example, it can show the project's progress and provide required data to share the status updates with managers and clients. The reports can also show an itemized breakdown of the work done by an employee or a team.
  5. Profitability- The time tracking app tracks your productive time and also shows where you are wasting it. By quickly checking that report, companies can allocate budget and resources efficiently to a given employee.
  6. Invisible task tracking- Time-tracking apps can also track the tasks which mostly go unreported, like travels, client calls, etc. However, the app must integrate well with other digital tools to get that report.
  7. Work rates- These applications also help in establishing rates that are profitable and fair. It is a very effective feature when a company is trying to set rates for long-term projects.
  8. Time and effort savings- when a rigorous task like time tracking is automated, it saves time for the employees. They can focus more on productive work without any interruptions. The app helps the employee to move their engagement towards the main work the company wants them to do.