An Indiana wife shot her husband, dismembered his body with an ax, and asked her two children to help put his chopped-up remains into bags, police said. 

Thessalonica Allen allegedly shot her 50-year-old husband of one year, Randy Allen, inside their home in La Porte, Indiana on July 27.

Daily Mail reported that the feud between the 34-year-old Indiana wife and husband started when Randy confronted the suspect after using an undisclosed website.

Court documents noted that their two minor children heard a loud bang and ran to their mother's bedroom. The children then found their father on the ground, and Randy asked his children to call 911.

However, Thessalonica had ordered them to return to their room. Later that night, the Indiana wife woke her kids and asked them to drag Randy's body out of the house and load it into his car.

Thessalonica Allen was said to have struggled to dispose of her husband's body, alleging that she got to work by chopping him into pieces to make it easier for her to carry it and burn.

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The Horrific Murder in Indiana

The Indiana wife claimed that she asked an ex-boyfriend for help two days after the killing. He then refused and reported the incident, South Bend Tribune reported.

Thessalonica's former partner said he kept the gun that the suspect had thrown out of the car's window and called emergency services.

The children also said that their mother had come home the next day with cleaning supplies. She later asked them to help place Randy's body into a tote. They added that Thessalonica has planned to drive the body to South Bend and set it on fire.

Police then found the vehicle outside a hardware store in La Porte and the tote containing Randy's dismembered body inside a closet in the children's bedroom.

Records said that the Indiana wife had shot her husband after he started choking her. Authorities said they searched the property and found notes that had messages that include "hit him with a hammer and stab him."

They further noted that the notes include a message that said to roll up the body in sheets and plastic bags, Independent reported.

Randy Allen's Family Reacts

Randy's sister, Sharon Colmen, said they were devastated by the senseless murder that did not have to happen. Randy's family had disputed the suspect's claims of being beaten by her husband.

They said that Randy was always a loving father and grandfather. Randy's oldest daughter, Jakelia Dooley-Jones, said her father was a sweet, caring, and nurturing person. Dooley-Jones noted that her father did not give any indication that his partner was crazy.

In addition to murder, Thessalonica Allen also faces felony charges of abusing a corpse and altering a death scene. She is also charged for contributing to the delinquency of her two minor children and neglect. 

The Indiana wife is currently being held in the La Porte County Jail. Thessalonica is being held without bond.

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