A Florida man had sexual relationships with two sisters that murdered their 85-year-old father in March 2015. One of the two sisters confessed their crime to the man that led to their apprehension.

The Florida man happened to record her confession on his phone and decided to share it the next day with Pinellas County Sheriff's detectives.

An investigation was then launched that led earlier this year to the sisters pleading guilty to the second-degree murder of their father, Anthony Tomaselli, in March 2015, People reported.

Linda Roberts, 64, was sentenced to 20 years in prison, while Mary Beth Tomaselli, 65, was sentenced to 15 years after she offered to testify against her sister.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri earlier said it was a perfect murder since there was no sign of struggle and foul play.

Gualtieri noted that the victim had cancer, dementia and was seriously ill. He added that the two sisters could have easily gotten away with it, Buzzfeed News reported.

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The Confession Made to the Florida Man

Linda Roberts had told the Florida man in February 2019 that she dreamt of her father being in the room, and she was scared.

When the Florida man asked her why she was scared if she loved her father so much, the woman then said she could not take it anymore and confessed that she killed her father.

The Florida man said he took his phone out of his pocket and started recording because he knew he had to do so. Then Linda Roberts said she did it with her sister.

Authorities said that four years went by before they learned about the confession. They said they had no reason for them to suspect that the old man has been murdered.

The sisters have never been considered suspects as a medical examiner concluded that Anthony Tomaselli died of natural causes.

'Perfect' Murder Done by the Florida Sisters

The two sisters said that their father's days were numbered. They noted that the man clearly said he did not want to be placed in an assisted living facility.

The sisters then decided to take matters into their own hands, wherein they plotted to make it look like their father died in his sleep.

Gualtieri said that the two sisters had given their father an alcoholic beverage laced with a huge amount of sleeping pills, hoping that it would be enough to kill their father, Tampa Bay Times reportedHowever, the sheriff noted that Mary Beth Tomaselli put too much alcohol in the drink, making the pills ineffective.

Gualtieri said Anthony Tomaselli was lying on a couch and was still moving with labored breathing. But his daughters then tried to suffocate him with a pillow.

And when it also did not work, the sheriff noted that the two women held down his arms, shoved a rag down his throat, and pinched his nose. That was when their father stopped breathing.

Mary Beth Tomaselli had a grown daughter that was sleeping upstairs. She was also given sleeping pills so she would not wake up while they carried out their plot.

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