Argentinian icon Lionel Messi had confirmed his FC Barcelona exit while fighting back the tears, saying, "I'm not ready for this."

Messi said during a press conference that he gave everything for the FC Barcelona from the first day that he arrived at the last, according to an NBC News report.

He added that he never imagined having to say goodbye to the club.

Messi did not mention any immediate plans. However, he said that he was eyeing joining PSG. The soccer star added that he has gotten a lot of phone calls from different clubs but has not signed anything yet.

Messi has maintained to be a highly productive player in one of the world's most elite leagues, with 30 goals in 30 matches last season.

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FC Barcelona Exit

Barcelona had first announced that it would not renew Messi's contract, with the Catalan giants' financial situation and the rules of the Spanish league, which made it impossible for Messi to stay with those conditions.

Messi said that he did everything he could to stay, and it was not possible.

The player had also said that he had asked to decrease his pay by 50%, refuting claims that Barca had asked for anything else.

Messi noted that they did not ask for another 30 percent, adding that it was a lie, according to an ESPN report.

Sources said that Messi is expected to travel to Paris soon before completing a medical and signing a two-year deal with the option for a third season.

Messi had already said that PSG is one of the choices that he is eyeing. He said that there is nothing for sure at the moment as there are still ongoing discussions.

Messi also talked about the possibility of joining a rival. He said that there is no doubt that he will go to a team that will compete with Barca.

The Argentinian player said that he did not want to leave, but he has to. He added that he wants to keep winning.

Messi With FC Barcelona

Messi has been dubbed as the world's best player during his stay with the club. However, it was reported that Barcelona's player salaries consume 95 percent of its revenue before Messi's number are figured in.

Former club president Josep Bartomeu was forced to resign in disgrace last October after years of engaging in a public feud with Messi.

He saw little solution to roster construction other than throwing money at it, according to a Yahoo Sports report.

if Messi were to sign with PSG, he will be connected back up with former Barcelona teammate Neymar and will be managed by Mauricio Pochettino.

PSG had managed to clinch second place in Ligue 1 last season, the second time in the last five years.

Messi had written a farewell message on his Instagram post, with a caption saying that he would have loved to continue with the club, and in the end, it did not happen.

He added that he is leaving, but it is not goodbye, rather a see you later.

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