A tornado warning was issued in Chicago, particularly in parts of Kane County, with a tornado reported likely to have touched down near Burlington after touchdowns were reported in DeKalb County.

Town in DeKalb County, such as Esmond and Kirkland was said to have seen tornado touchdowns, according to a Chicago Tribune report.

The National Weather Service had also issued a tornado warning in the northwest area of Kane County.

A tornado watch was issued for most of northern Illinois and northwest Indiana.

Meanwhile, a severe thunderstorm warning was later issued for the Rockford area and east to the McHenry County line.

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Tornado Watch

NWS noted that severe weather is possible across northern Illinois and northwest Indiana on Monday afternoon and unto the evening, according to an NBC Chicago News report.

Damaging winds up to 70 miles per hour and hail, possibly a half-dollar size was reported to be the main weather threat.

Forecast models also showed that there are limited risks of tornadoes and flooding with the storm system.

On the other hand, Kane County authorities reported that there would be possible damage to a structure along Plank Road near Eagle Road, according to an ABC 7 News report.

NBC Storm Team Meteorologist Andy Avalos had called on residents to stay weather aware and reminded people to have a way of receiving severe weather alerts.

The chance of periodic thunderstorms is set to last through at least Thursday, bringing another severe weather threat.

Tornado Watch Vs. Tornado Warning

A tornado watch means that a possibility exists for the development of severe thunderstorms or tornadoes, which depends on the specific type of watch issued.

However, it does not mean that a tornado has been seen or even indicated by radar. It only implies that conditions are favorable for the formation of tornadoes in thunderstorms, according to a Weather Works Inc. website.

Meanwhile, a severe thunderstorm watch means that conditions are just conducive to the development of severe weather.

However, it does not mean that severe weather has been reported.

A tornado warning needs to be taken seriously with immediate action as it means that a tornado has already been spotted by radar or a human observer.

Tornadoes In the United States

In April 2011, several tornadoes were found in Virginia, including Pulaski and Draper. It was the largest and deadliest tornado outbreak in the U.S. the incident was dubbed the 2011 Super Outbreak.

More than a dozen touched down in Central and Northern Virginia in 2011, according to a WDBJ7 report.

In addition, several mountain tornadoes had also happened in the Shenandoah Valley and West Virginia.

The Glade Spring Tornado had claimed the lives of three people, while 50 were injured with that tornado. It significantly affected the town of Glade Spring, Virginia.

The tornado had also crossed the Interstate 81 corridor and caused huge damage to a truck stop, wherein hundreds were waiting out the storm.

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