Audi launched its newest concept car called Skysphere that incorporates Batmobile-like technologies and luxury amenities.

It can change size based on driving modes while having an adaptable wheelbase, according to CNBC report.

It has a retractable wheel and pedals that are designed to be stowed away when the car is on its self-drive car mode.

Henrik Wenders, head of Audi, says that the newly released concept model is a progressive luxury. Wenders noted that it is just not a car--rather, it is an experienced device.

When set to grand tourer mode, the cabin transforms with the exterior. In addition, the screen on the driver's side retracts to the same level as its smaller sibling take the central console with it.

The steering wheel also folds down and disappears under the dashboard, making the driver a passenger while it takes charge of all driving functions, according to an Auto Evolution report.

Fully autonomous capabilities can allow occupants to enjoy the scenery or watch a movie while traveling.

It has made its public debut at the Pebble Beach golf course in California on Friday, Aug. 13, according to a Fox News report.

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Skysphere is designed to drive itself. However, it cannot actually do so at the time. It is still not clear how feasible that can change sizes would be for a production model.

Audi noted that its EV driving range is about 310 miles.

Wenders said Audi and other auto brands need to be thinking about what could be possible with EVs even if advanced technologies may not be currently on the near feature, such as the case of an adjustable wheelbase.

Gael Buzyn, head of Audi's design studio in Malibu, said that a lot of components of the car will make it into future production vehicles.

Wenders said that Skysphere aims to show people the combination of automatic driving experience while being immersed in a digital experience.

Skysphere is the first series of concept vehicles Audi has in their sleeves to showcase as experiences devices.

The second vehicle is scheduled to be revealed on Sept. 1, dubbed as Grandsphere.

Urbansphere is set to be introduced in the first half of 2022.

Automotive companies use concept vehicles to see customers' interest or show the future vision of a vehicle or brand.


Audi is owned by Volkswagen, a company with several other companies such as Porsche in Germany, Bentley in the United Kingdom, Lamborghini in Italy, and Bugatti in France, among others.

Volkswagen Group is a major automobile manufacturer founded by the German government in 1937, according to Britannica.

Its initial aim was to mass-produce a low-priced "people's car."

The company was originally operated by the German Labour Front, which was a Nazi organization.

Volkswagen production expanded quickly in the 1950s. However, due to its historical relations with Nazi Germany, sales in the United States were slow.

Volkswagen ended the production of the Beetle in 2019 after going through redesigns over the decades.

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