The senior United States Senator for Texas, John Cornyn, shared the importance of vaccinations and the Afghan refugees who would possibly be staying at Fort Bliss during his visit to El Paso on Tuesday, Aug. 17.

Meeting With El Paso Leaders

According to KTSM, the Republican lawmaker Cornyn started his El Paso visit by touring the migrant facility dedicated to unaccompanied minors at Fort Bliss. Afterward, Cornyn visited the University Medical Center El Paso and talked to hospital and county leaders. When Cornyn saw a group of nurses, he thanked them for their service throughout the pandemic.

Cornyn checked some updates on the base operations during his Fort Bliss HHS emergency intake site tour. The senator then paid his respects at the newly unveiled Healing Garden Memorial. The memorial garden was a site for the 23 individuals who were killed on August 3, 2019, mass shooting at an East Side Walmart, KFOX14 reported.

Cornyn then met with local civic and business leaders to update the latest priorities in El Paso.

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El Paso Vaccination

The Texan Senator then revealed why he chose to visit El Paso. Cornyn said that he chose the city due to the community's high vaccination rates, which he said could serve as an example to the rest of the state.

Based on the report of El Paso Times, El Paso has fully vaccinated 71% of its eligible population, and 84% were already partially vaccinated.

During his visit, the Republican lawmaker pointed out the ongoing rollout of vaccines and the cooperation of the residents in El Paso. "Congratulations to all the El Pasoans who've been vaccinated," Cornyn said. Cornyn then emphasized that it was an incredible accomplishment.

Cornyn shared that getting vaccinated means you've saved lives. He added that vaccinated individuals also freed up hospital beds that could be used by individuals suffering from other illnesses.

Also, Cornyn stated that the vaccine could not only protect ourselves but also could protect our families. Cornyn shared that he knew some people have been uncertain about their inoculation, but there was no better time than now.

However, when asked to comment regarding the continued resistance to mask mandates in the wake of the Delta variant surge across Texas by Governor Grag Abbott, the senator declined to answer. Cornyn stated that he would let Abbott speak for himself regarding the matter.

Furthermore, the Republican lawmaker was also asked regarding the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan, and the U.S. troops pull out. Cornyn confirmed that Fort Bliss is currently preparing for those individuals who would be needing shelters. Cornyn said that the facility would serve as a house for Afghan refugees who fled from their country amid the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. The senator said that the Fort Bliss facility could accommodate up to 10,000 refugees if needed.

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Written by: Jess Smith

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