Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are facing tons of backlash on Twitter after videos showed them that they seemed having a good time over the weekend while President Joe Biden faces mounting blame for Afghanistan fiasco.

Both Democrats were criticized on social media after different clips showed Pelosi and Schumer in two separate events yucking it up.

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Criticized over Face Mask and Diversity

On Sunday, a video surfaced on Twitter showing Nancy Pelosi with a bunch of maskless people during a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) retreat in Napa Valley, California.

In the video, the donors were seen sitting within close proximity of each other and without face coverings as Pelosi, also without a mask, spoke in front of them.

The Blaze reported that COVID-19 cases in Napa County through August 13 to 19 were up by 71 percent from the previous week, making the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) designate the county as a "high level of community transmission."

Although most of the guests did not wear their masks, journalist Glenn Greenwald noted that all the waiters in the fundraising event wore their face coverings, New York Post reported.

Critics were quick to react and slammed Nancy Pelosi, with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy saying, "it's utter hypocrisy."

"Speaker Pelosi wants to lock you down again while she wines and dines with her political donors," McCarthy noted.

In a statement, National Republican Congressional Committee Spokesman, Mike Berg, said the Democrats would have plenty of time "to sip expensive wine" with Nancy Pelosi after the voters fire them in the midterm elections.

It was not the first time that Nancy Pelosi was seen not wearing a mask. It can be recalled that the House speaker was seen not wearing a face mask two days after the Capitol Police declared that face masks should be worn at all times.

Apart from not wearing a face mask, Pelosi was also blasted for diversity, as most of the guests in the said fundraiser appeared to be white. 

One Twitter asked where are the people of color.

Another one said the crowd was diverse. 

Meanwhile, another user noted that the only non-White people in the crowd were the servers.

Senator Chuck Schumer Blasted for His Dance with Stephen Colbert

Chuck Schumer was criticized after a video showing him dancing with Stephen Colbert surfaced on Twitter.

It happened during the "We Love NYC" The Homecoming Concert" in Central Park. The video showed that Schumer and Colbert were happily dancing and vibing to the music. The event was cut short Saturday night due to inclement weather.

Congressman Lee Zeldin slammed the senator. He said that maybe once Schumer's done dancing, he can call President Joe Biden and get him to sign the Pre-Landfall Emergency Declaration for the state. 

Hurricane Henri was forecasted to hit Long Island earlier, but its track shifted east Sunday, which spared eastern Long Island.

Tom Nichols, an academic specialist in International Affairs, urged Chuck Schumer to switch careers if he wants to "spend a joyous night" in Central Park while Kabul is in shambles.

The said video of Schumer dancing was posted by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's spokesman, Bill Neidhart.

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