Simone Biles was committed to showing her love to her NFL athlete boyfriend, Jonathan Owens, as the star gymnast cheered on her partner despite being on vacation following the Tokyo Olympics.

On Saturday, Biles took to Instagram to show her support and love to Owens as the Texan player took off an NFL preseason game that also happened on Saturday.

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In an Instagram story mentioned by People, the gymnast sent her love and "well wishes" while she was on vacation, ahead of the NFL Kickoff.

"I love you so much. & so so so proud of you," Biles also mentioned in her story.

The star gymnast then posted another update, as her boyfriend intercepted Dallas Cowboys' Ben DiNucci late in the fourth quarter. She then bragged on her story about Owned being her boyfriend as she posted a photo of her partner.

Biles' supported her boyfriend while she was enjoying a vacation at the beach. Although the gymnast did not share the location, Biles showed how she enjoys her vacay as she took to Instagram to look fabulous with her bikinis.

The gymnast looked gorgeous in a series of photos where she wore a baby blue two-piece and a white bikini topping the outfit with a hat. The gymnast also looked classy in a photo where she tried a nude-colored scarf top paired with leopard print pants. 

Simone Biles On Expressing Her Love for Boyfriend Jonathan Owens

It was not the first time Biles expressed her love for her boyfriend on Instagram. Two weeks ago, Biles posted a photo of her and Owens kissing after the NFL athlete practiced. The gymnast also shared a photo of the two of them during an open practice of the Texans, where Biles joined her boyfriend. 

While in Japan competing the Tokyo Olympics, Biles also did not fail to greet Owens with a happy birthday. Biles thanked Owens for keeping her "sane during the craziest times," and someone who listens to her about her rants in the photo posted by the gymnast. 

In previous reports, Biles prioritized her mental health when she withdrew from the Olympic Gymnastics finals. Owens showed her support to his girlfriend, saying that Bile's strength is unmatched, and the gymnast inspires him every day.

Simone Biles and Boyfriend Jonathan Owens Romance

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens made their relationship Instagram official in August 2020, as the gymnast posted a photo of them together. Speculation about their romance started when Biles confirmed that she broke up with fitness influencer Stacey Ervin Jr.

In December 2020, the couple was reported to spend Christmas together as the couple was reported to wear matching pajamas during the occasion.

To celebrate the first anniversary and Biles' birthday, the couple went to Belize in March, where Owens holds dual citizenship in the country.

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