The Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) urged Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to rename Fort Hood in Texas after General Richard E. Cavazos, the Mexican American four-star general in the U.S.

The request was sent by the Hispanic Caucus on Monday through a letter addressed to Austin, The Hill reported. The lawmakers highlighted Cavazo's military accomplishments and cited other options to rename the said army base in Texas.

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Hispanic Caucus Urges Lloyd Austin to Rename Texas Army Base 

The call to rename Fort Hood in Texas was headed by the caucus' chairman, Representative Raul Ruiz from California. Ruiz called on the defense secretary to pick on a Hispanic name to rename the army base, given the size of Texas' Hispanic population.

According to the latest census, the population of Latinos in Texas has near parity with the White population in the state, NBC News reported.

"The CHC's advocacy is focused in particular on ensuring that Fort Hood in Texas... is named after a Latino or Latina Hero," the letter said.

Initially, the CHC recommended Master Sergeant Roy Benavidez's name to be adopted in Fort Hood. However, the caucus argued that Benavidez's background in special forces makes his name more suited to Fort Bragg.

"For this season, the CHC supports renaming Fort Bragg after MSG Benavidez," the group said, adding that they "strongly" wish for Fort Hood to be renamed after a Latino or Latina.

Apart from suggesting names, the caucus and Democratic members also asked the commission to change the criteria for naming army bases, so that enlisted personnel can also be considered instead of high-ranking officials only.

The letter sent by the CHC on Monday comes after the caucus sent a different letter in April, asking to rename bases and other army properties named after confederates.

Mexican Americans Considered to Replace Army Base Fort Hood's Name

The lawmakers want to rename Fort Hood after Richard Cavazos, the Army's first Hispanic four-star general. Cavazos was appointed to that position in 1982.

Before he died in 2017, Cavazos had many accomplishments while in the Army. He became a platoon leader during the Korean War and assumed command of the United States Army Forces Command in 1982-1984.

Richard Cavazos was also known to be the first Hispanic to reach the rank of brigadier general when he became one in 1976.

Apart from Cavazos, the CHC gave other options to the defense secretary. The CHC also wanted Fort Hood to be named after Pfc. Vanessa Guillen. The Mexican American soldier tragically died when another army member killed her after reporting sexual abuse at the base.

"For generations, Latinos have fought for our nation with valor, but rarely have been recognized for their contributions," the CHC said. The group noted that renaming Fort Hood would commend the Latinos who sacrificed their lives for the U.S. and honor Texans with Mexican American heritage.

Apart from Cavazos and Guillen, Staff Sgt. Macario Garcia and Pvt. Marcelino Serna was also suggested by the lawmakers to be renamed for the Texas army base. Both Garcia and Serna were Mexican immigrants who were decorated veterans of World War II and World War I, respectively.

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