The former voice coach of Princess Diana revealed on Tuesday that the late Princess of Wales planned to move to California with her sons Prince William and Prince Harry to pursue a career in Hollywood.

Stewart Pearce, the voice coach, revealed Princess Diana's plans during the 24th anniversary of her death, August 31.

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Princess Diana Planned to Move to California to Pursue Movie-Making Ambitions

Pearce revealed that Princess Diana planned to enter the entertainment industry and pursue a career in Hollywood.

"There was a number of major projects brewing in her consciousness through offers that had been offered to her," the voice coach, who was also Princess Diana's confidante, told The Daily Mail.

Although the former Princess of Wales planned to pursue a career in Hollywood, Pearce noted that Diana was not interested in becoming a celebrity, but her ambitions remain behind the cameras.

Pearce noted that Princess Diana was "beginning to explore her creative power" when she planned to stay and spend a lot of time in Hollywood.

The voice coach also noted that one of the "major" opportunities Diana wanted to create was to make documentaries about three charitable interests that "would then be assimilated into major movie pictures."

The voice coach also revealed that the royal reached out to top Hollywood executives and agents about her ambitions in making movies.

"Everything she [Princess Diana] did was signed with the autograph of excellence," Pearce said, adding that the princess consulted the right people in pursuing taking the step to her passion.

The voice coach further noted that the works were about "the highest echelon" of opinions that can be maintained for the greatest project management.

Apart from revealing her movie-making passion, Pearce also addressed the speculations of Diana being pregnant with the child of Egyptian film producer Dodi Fayed. 

The voice coach noted that the Princess of Wales was not pregnant with Fayed's child, and she was also not planning to marry the film producer.

It can be recalled that Princess Diana divorced her husband, Prince Charles, in 1996. The princess then dated Fayed, but they were tragically killed in a car accident.

Princess Diana's 24th Death Anniversary

The revelation of Princess Diana's movie-making ambition came out as fans, and her family remembered her during her 24th death anniversary.

Diana's brother, Charles Spencer, flew the family's flag at half-staff above the stately home of Althorp House located in Northamptonshire, England. Diana's brother also took to Instagram to commemorate the event.

Fans of Princess Diana laid flowers and messages outside the gates of Kensington Palace, the late princess' home in London. 

At Althorp, fans were also reminded that Charles, the 9th Earl Spencer, had oak trees to mark her sister's death each year. 

People reported that some of the fans also took the opportunity to visit the statue of Princess Diana, which was commissioned by her sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

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