After his fight with Tyron Woodley, Jake Paul was teary-eyed after hearing Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James' tweet.

The match between Paul and Woodley took place at a familiar location for LeBron James. The boxing match happened at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, the former home of the Cleveland Cavaliers that drafted James in 2003.

Impact of LeBron James' Tweet on Jake Paul

According to Heavy, social media influencer Jake Paul, a Cleveland native like LeBron James, visibly shook when the LA Lakers star tweeted about the fight that was read aloud to him during his postgame media conference.

"CLEVELAND IS JUMPING," James wrote. James also mentioned in his tweet that he should have flown back to his home state, Ohio, to watch the fight.

The walkout gear of Jake Paul featured all of the sports teams that represented Cleveland, and it made him almost speechless that James, who was considered a hometown hero, watched and enjoyed his fight.

Jake Paul entered the ring while wearing an amalgamation of the Cleveland sports jerseys that featured both LeBron James and Kyrie Irving on it, with the Cleveland Indians front and center.

The basketball star was embraced by the people of Cleveland more after winning the NBA championship after decades of title drought in sports.

"Man, that's crazy, I'm getting teary-eyed, that's sick. Like I said, I was in those stands 12 years ago screaming, 'LeBron! LeBron!' trying to get him to notice me," Paul said.

The social media influencer turned boxer added that it was unbelievable that LeBron James tweeted about his fight. He added that he considered his last four fights an accomplishment, but James tweeting about him and his victory was on a different level.

"I'm trying not to cry, but for him to even tweet that is crazy," Paul noted.

Jake Paul also responded directly to James' tweet following the fight. "WTF is life lol," Paul wrote.

Meanwhile, James also responded to a tweet from Kendrick Perkins who said, "This entertaining as hell," to which James replied, "Facts!"

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Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul beat former UFC champion Tyron Woodley by split decision (77-75, 75-77, 78-74) on Sunday. However, not everyone was thrilled with the result of the match. 

UFC veteran Nate Dia posted on his social media accounts that both fighters were not good. Also, former UFC heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier wasn't happy that another UFC fighter lost against Paul.

Despite being pissed, Cormier praised Jake Paul for showing the world toughness and being relentless. He noted that Tyron wasn't active enough, and Paul's activity made the difference.

Before the match, UFC president Dana White had some words for Jake Paul after the YouTuber said their feud would end with him. White said it actually made sense because he was already 52 years old, and he was in the age bracket of guys he fought in the past.

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