A Florida court has dismissed a defamation lawsuit against Twitter filed by the Delaware computer repairman who caught media attention during the Hunter Biden laptop story.

The lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice, which means it cannot be filed again as the plaintiff was ordered to pay Twitter's attorney's fees, Law and Crime reported.

In February, John Paul Mac Isaac filed a lawsuit against Twitter. He argued that Twitter's move to lock The New York Post's account while its staffers tried to post and disseminate its expose regarding Hunter's laptop contents was similar to calling him a hacker.

According to the lawsuit, Mac Isaac noted that Twitter limited the distribution of the story by others on its social media platform. 

Twitter has released a series of high-profile tweets about its decision to restrict access to Post's article on Hunter's laptop contents. Twitter said it was based on interactions the plaintiff had with Rudy Giuliani's former attorney Robert Costello. 

The court ruled in Twitter's favor and granted their motion to dismiss the case because none of the firm's explanations identified Mac Isaac.

Twitter has also won its arguments for attorney's fees by claiming that the lawsuit was a strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP), which is a legal action intended to chill free speech.

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Case of John Paul Mac Isaac Against Twitter Involving Hunter Biden's Laptop

The Delaware computer repair shop owner argued that the tech giant had defamed him by implying that he was a hacker, Washington Examiner reported.

Twitter had labeled the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop as being hacked materials, which he denied. He said that it had caused damage to his reputation, and he was forced to shut down his business in part.

Mac Isaac has also asked Twitter to publicly retract the false statements and issue an apology to him publicly. His lawyer argued that "Twitter knew or should have known" that its statement that the Post's story contained hacked materials would cause harm to his client.

Hunter Biden's Laptop Contents

Claims of corruption about President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden surfaced in a bid to damage Biden's presidential campaign after the contents of his laptop caught the attention of the public and media.

Among the allegations include that Joe Biden, as vice president, has shaped U.S. foreign policy in Ukraine to benefit Hunter Biden, Baltimore Sun reported.

The president has declined that he knew something about his son's business activities in Ukraine. However, reports suggested that the former vice president has met with an adviser to a Ukrainian energy company, whose board Hunter Biden was part of.

Hunter's lawyer, George Mesires, said the alleged meeting has never happened.

Mac Isaac had come to get Hunter's laptop when it was left at his shop in April 2019 and was asked to recover any data.

Mac Isaac said the man who had given the laptop had come to his shop twice but never returned to retrieve the computer or an external hard drive on which its contents had been stored.

The repair shop owner noted that he was not sure whether the man who came to his shop was Hunter Biden. But, the man, when asked to fill out a work order, identified himself as Hunter Biden.

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