Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman admitted in his recent interview that he is no longer a fan of the league that helped him gain his fame, the NBA.

Dennis Rodman's Not a Fan of Long Bombs

The five-time NBA champion and also '90s star on the court for the championship teams of Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls during his playing days shared his opinion about the current image of the league in an interview.

According to Fox News, the 60-year-old NBA legend Dennis Rodman stated during a recent interview on the "Full Send" podcast that the league is hard to watch because of how much it has changed. After playing in an era of the NBA which was known for its toughness, Rodman said that the game no longer has intensity and competitiveness.

"But now it's more like you know I don't want to watch players coming down shooting 50 footers, you know. That's not basketball," Rodman said via Clutch Points.

In his final season in the NBA where he played with the Bulls in 1997-98, Chicago attempted 11.7 three-pointers per game. If compared in today's game, it was too low as Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry attempted 12.7 threes per game while hitting 42.1 percent of his shots from beyond-the-arc.

Rodman, who was a key figure in Michael Jordan's documentary "The Last Dance," added that the NBA is difficult to watch, but he admitted that a lot of kids love it.

The Warriors guard Curry and other three-point shooters have transformed a league that was built on physicality in the paint into a new era of basketball where teams now live-and-die by 3-pointers. Curry and other guard shooters redefined the meaning of a guard in the field of basketball.

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Dennis Rodman Slams Steph Curry For Revolutionizing Today's NBA

Stephen Curry is regarded as the player who revolutionized the NBA game and his numbers would back it up. Before Curry's offensive game emerged, many considered shooting three-pointers as nothing more than an afterthought.

However, since Curry's unanimous MVP season, the league has seen almost every superstar in the league try and hone their shot beyond the arc, The Sports Rush reported.

The fans of today's NBA games loved seeing players extend their offensive arsenal and deepen their offensive bags. Fans wanted to see players try long three-pointers during games. However, Dennis Rodman was definitely built differently.

Rodman genuinely believes that Stephen Curry ruined the potential entertainment of the NBA. He explained that he no longer wanted the approach of the players towards the game when he was asked if he watched current NBA games on the podcast.

Rodman's opinion made sense for sports analysts as he was a player who focused on the paint in his career. In his NBA career, Rodman had a lot of crazy statistics and it was centered on the defensive end and in the paint.

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