Biden administration asked the U.S. Congress on Tuesday for more than $30 billion funding that will be used as emergency funds to help resettle refugees from Afghanistan and recovery efforts in the recent natural disasters that occurred across the United States.

The budget request from the Biden administration intended for the Afghanistan refugees was made by the Office of Management and Budget acting director, Shalanda Young. The said request was made less than four weeks before the 2021 fiscal year ends by September 30.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Chuck Schumer called for disaster relief to Congress, contending that the money would help communities to recover quickly from the destructions caused by hurricanes, wildfires, and flooding, NPR reported.

The total of $30.4 billion funding the administration requested to the Congress will be allocated to different issues the United States is facing.

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Biden Administration: $6.4 Billion for Afghanistan Refugees

Meanwhile, the remaining $6.4 billion in budget requested by the administration to Congress will be used to resettle refugees from Afghanistan into the United States.

In a blog post, acting director Shalanda Young emphasized that the money will be used for security screenings and humanitarian assistance to the Afghans through the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Forbes reported that an administration official revealed that $2.4 billion will be used to fund the bases where Afghans will be screened; $1.3 billion will be allocated for resettlement operations; $1.7 billion will be intended for refugee benefits and services; $193 million will be sued to accelerate the process for permanent residency. Details on the remaining amount of the $6.4 billion were not furthered by the official.

"This money is certainly critical... to make sure that we are fulfilling this bipartisan commitment to our Afghan allies and partners," an administration official said.

At least 65,000 vulnerable refugees from Afghanistan were expected to arrive in the U.S. by the end of the month. Meanwhile, up to 30,000 Afghans are expected to arrive in the country over the next year.

The said budget proposal of the Biden administration to Congress was the latest relief intended for the Afghanistan refugees.

It can be recalled that on August 31, lawmakers from the House of Representatives introduced a bipartisan bill that would increase the visa capo for Afghan partners by 10,000.

Biden Administration: $24 Billion From Congress for Natural Disasters

$24 billion will be allocated to natural disasters, but the amount will still be designated as a response to specific natural phenomena in the country.

White House officials noted that at least $10 billion will be used for the recovery efforts from Hurricane Ida. Meanwhile, $14 billion will be used as relief for other recent natural disasters such as Hurricanes Laura and Delta from the previous year. NPR also reported that California wildfires will be included in the $24 billion, but it was unclear how much will be allocated for the said disaster.

"Climate Change is producing more severe natural disasters like storms and wildfires," a senior Biden administration official said.

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