Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday reacted to the removal of the confederate statue of Robert E. Lee in Virginia, saying that America's "culture is being destroyed" by the Radical Left.

Trump expressed his thoughts through an emailed statement released by his Save America PAC, as the former president praised the statue calling it a "magnificent" and "beautiful piece of bronze sculpture.

It can be recalled that Trump defended the confederate statues from being removed in the past, calling the efforts of the activists who seek their removal, a means of eradicating the U.S.' rich culture and history.

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Donald Trump Comments on the Removal of Gen. Lee Statue

In the emailed statement, Trump mentioned that General Robert E. Lee was considered by many generals as "the greatest strategist of them all."

The former president also pointed out that Robert E. Lee should be remembered as the "greatest unifying force" after the war, as the general had the resolve to bring the North and South together through reconciliation and beseeching his soldiers to do their duty and become a good citizen of United States.

The former president then blasted the Radical Left for removing confederate statues like the one made for Robert E. Lee in Virginia.

"Our culture is being destroyed and our history and heritage, both good and bad, are being extinguished by the Radical Left," Trump said in the statement.

Apart from mentioning the importance of the said confederate statue as a reminder, Trump then sidelined that the war of the United States will be a total victory if general Robert E. Lee was alive.

"That [Afghanistan war] would have ended in a complete and total victory in many years ago," Trump said narrating what would happen if General Lee commanded the troops in the South Asian country. The former president then said that it was an "embarrassment" that America has no more genius like Robert E. Lee.

Robert E. Lee Confederate Statue, Removed in Virginia

Donald Trump's comments came as the confederate statue located in Richmond, Virginia was brought down, cut into pieces, and hauled away on Wednesday.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam backed the removal of the statue last summer. However, proceeding slowed down the process until the Supreme Court cleared the way in the previous week.

"Any remnants like this [ confederate statue] that glorified the lost cause of the Civil War, it needs to come down," Northam said, expressing his hopes that the statue's removal will mark as a new day and era for his state.

In removing the statue, a harness was wrapped around General Lee and his horse. When the statue was placed on the ground, the crew utilized a power saw to cut the statue in half along the general's waist. The statue was reported to be placed in an undisclosed state-owned facility until a decision was made for its future.

Devon Henry's enterprise oversaw the taking down of the confederate statue on Wednesday. Henry, a Black executive, was known to receive death threats after his company assumed the role of removing other confederate statues in Richmond.

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