At 22, this young entrepreneur and digital marketer has done exceptional work.

This self-made entrepreneur has achieved much more than his own expectations and created a glorious career which has made him stand out from the rest. He has mastered the art of digital marketing and has aced in this space like no one else. He has always been an outstanding student, having done academically well, passing out from the Bowling Green State University. His journey started at a pretty early age when he decided to jump into the entrepreneurial ship and established his foremost marketing venture named XVTech. He was just 15, attending school, when he first tasted success. After a while with his business taking off successfully, he established his next venture named Greening Corporation United, which also touched the skies in terms of success within a few months of its launch. The company had major interests in providing marketing services for law firms, helping them set up their online presence that changed the course of their business within no time.

Donovan stands as a perfect example that proves that attaining success at a young age is indeed possible. His initial work involved creating visual supplementation to music of not so popular artists on his YouTube channel named XVSound, which today has more than 12,000 subscribers, having garnered over 5.1 million views. Since the project took off in a big way, there's been no looking back for this young entrepreneur, who has been moving ahead in his professional career with lightning speed. Soon after, he formed a hydroponic lighting company for indoor agriculture projects, setting up its e-commerce process which again tasted success, making over $600,000 in revenues, and that too within a couple of months.

Talking about his present position, Greening Corporation United has expanded its operations wide and now covers almost all areas around the digital space like web design, graphic design, iOS app development, social media marketing, press releases and much more. It has been successful in transforming many of its clients revenues to more than seven figures after associating with them. The kind of success he has accomplished is worth a mention in every book which talks about being successful in the business world, and Donovan doesn't agree for more.

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