Retired Army Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman said on Tuesday that General Mark Miley, the chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff, should resign from his post if his secret phone calls with a Chinese official occurred.

The secret calls were reported to be about Miley preventing the former president from misusing the country's nuclear arsenal.

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Ex-Army Official Alexander Vindman Urges Gen. Milley to Resign

On Tuesday, the retired army official took to Twitter to urge Miley to resign from his post if his secret calls with China occurred. 

Vindman pointed out that the alleged secret calls with China made Milley "usurp" the civilian authority, break the Chain of Command, and violate the "sacrosanct principle of civilian control over the military."

It's an extremely dangerous precedent. You can't simply walk away from that," Vindman stressed in his statement.

Vindman's comments came as the upcoming release of a book named "Peril" alleged that Milley communicated with his Chinese counterpart in the final months of former President Donald Trump's tenure in his post. The said book was reported to be authored by Bob Woodward, an associate editor from The Washington Post, as well as national political reporter Robert Costa.

The book revealed that Milley received intelligence that officials from China believed that the United States was preparing to attack them. The book alleged that Miley reached out to general Li Zuocheng from the People's Liberation Army to ease the tension between the two countries.

In the calls, the chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff was reported to assure General Li that he will call him ahead of time if the United States was going to attack. The book also revealed that Miley also assured General Li that the U.S. was stable and that it will not attack China.

"I take you at your word," General Li said in the book.

The book also alleged that the secret calls of General Milley to the China official happened on October 30, in the previous year, and January 8, two days after the Capitol insurrection.

Rubio Called on President Biden to Fire Gen. Milley Over China Secret Calls

As Vindman urged Milley to resign if the secret calls occurred, Republican Senator Marco Rubio on Tuesday urged President Joe Biden to fire the chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff.

In a statement, Rubio argued that Milley made a "treasonous" leak on the classified information to the Chinese Communist Party "in advance to the potential armed conflict with the People's Republic of China."

Furthermore, Rubio also pointed out that Milley tried to rationalize his "reckless behavior" through contending "what he perceived as the military's judgment" as more secure than its civilian commander.

"You must immediately dismiss General Milley," Rubio concluded, adding that national security and America's ability to lead the globe are at stake.

Meanwhile, Former President Trump commented on the issue on Tuesday, calling Milley "dumb" and the details of the story "Fake News." Trump said that he did not think of attacking China, adding that the people who "fabricated" the story were "sick and demented."

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