Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich legally challenged the Biden administration on Tuesday, as he announced a lawsuit to challenge the president's hardline vaccine mandates that would affect American workers from private businesses and enterprises.

The said lawsuit announced by Arizona's attorney general marked the first legal pushback against Biden's vaccine requirements announced by the president himself in the previous week.

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Arizona Vs. Biden's Vaccine Mandate

Attorney General Brnovich officially filed the complaint against the Biden administration on the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona, after he voiced out his criticisms on the new COVID-19 policies.

"The federal government cannot force people to get the COVID-19 vaccine," Brnovich said on Tuesday, pointing out that the Biden administration flouted the laws and precedents "to push their radical agenda."

Under the new vaccine mandate, corporations with more than 100 workers would be required by the Labor Department to have their staff vaccinated or tested weekly. Meanwhile, federal workers and contractors will be required to get the vaccine, and they will have no option for testing. Every violation of the new vaccine requirements will be fined up to $14,000.

The Arizona attorney general also slammed the Biden administration over migrants crossing the border, contending that they were not subject to any vaccination requirements even when released into the United States, while U.S. citizens will be subject to the jab requirements.

"This reflects an unmistakable - and unconstitutional - brand of favoritism in favor of illegal migrants," Brnovich said in a press release.

The lawsuit filed by the Arizona attorney general also pointed out that the new vaccine mandate violates the Equal Protection Clause, emphasizing that the federal government favors the migrants crossing the southern border over the U.S. citizens.

Brnovich also took to Twitter to post a video announcing the lawsuit against the Biden administration. In the video, the Arizona attorney general called the mandate "unconstitutional," adding that they will continue to hold the administration accountable and try to stop the "federal overreach" to protect, not only Arizona, but the whole United States.

Army Official Resigns Over Vaccine Mandate

Apart from the vaccine mandate announced by President Biden, some of the vaccine mandates, like the one issued by the Pentagon, also received opposition among their army members. On Friday, the wife of Army Lt. Col. Paul Douglas Hague announced that his husband will retire after 19 years of service, over the Pentagon's mandatory vaccination order for all U.S. service members.

In the resignation memo posted by Hague's wife, the army lieutenant colonel said that he cannot subject himself to the "unlawful, unethical, and tyrannical order" to be inoculated by a "serum" that is against his will and better judgment. Hague also referenced studies claiming that exposure to the virus promotes naturally derived immunity against the disease.

The army member also listed other reasons for his resignation including the U.S. withdrawal in Afghanistan, contending that the complete lack of confidence from the Biden administration and secretaries directing the military made him leave his post.

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