Haiti's chief prosecutor is seeking prosecutor charges against the country's Prime Minister Ariel Henry in light of President Jovenel Moise's killing.

Bed-Ford Claude has accused Henry of communicating with a key suspect hours after Moise was killed, according to an Aljazeera report.

Claude had asked judge investigating the killing to charge Henry with involvement in the case over the said phone calls between the prime minister and the suspect.

The chief prosecutor had also called to authorities that Henry is banned from leaving Haiti due to the weight of the facts exposed. He further noted that there are enough compromising elements to prosecute Henry and ask for his outright indictment.

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Ariel Henry's Connection

Henry had made a move on Tuesday by firing the chief public prosecutor after Claude had sought to file charges against him.

Henry had been named by Moise as prime minister just days before the president's assassination. The prime minister is now being alleged of having connections with the chief suspect of the case, according to a Reuters report.

A letter from Henry to Claude read that the prime minister was firing the chief prosecutor for "grave administrative error" without any further details.

Henry had named Frantz Louis Juste as the replacement to the post Claude had vacated on a letter on September 14. However, it is still unclear whether Henry's move is legitimate as Haiti's 1987 constitution orders that the prosecutor can only be appointed or fired by the president.

The office of the president in Haiti remains vacant since Moise's assassination.

Claude earlier invited Henry to meet with him to explain why he spoke with one of the main suspects connected to the president's killing, which the prime minister had rejected.

Henry said that those were "diversionary tactics" to confuse and prevent justice from being served.

Henry took on Twitter on September 11 and said that the real culprits and masterminds will be brought to justice and punished for their crimes.

Haiti's Office of Citizen Protection had demanded Henry to step down from his position and pushed to appear in the prosecutor's office as requested.

Head of the office, lawyer Renan Hedouville, said that they would all love to know the content of that conversation. Hedouville added that the prime minister cannot remain in his position without washing away all suspicions.

President Jovenel Moise's Assassination

Moise was shot dead in his private residence in Port-au-Price on July 7, with police saying the suspects were a group of mercenaries, according to a BBC News report.

Most of the suspects that were apprehended were Colombians. The president was shot 12 times.

Twenty-six Colombians were involved in the crime with two Haitian Americans. The Colombian suspects were mostly former soldiers.

Haitian national Christian Emmanuel Sanon was reported to have hired the group through a Miami-based company called CTU.

Police chid Leon Charles said that Sanon was the "first person" that one of the Colombians had called when police surrounded them.

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