Border Patrol agents saved two migrant children - who are siblings - on Tuesday, after they were abandoned on the banks of the Rio Grande in Texas.

The said children that were rescued by the border agents were reported to be a two-year-old girl and her three-month-old baby brother.

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Abandoned Migrant Children Rescued by Border Patrol Agents

The rescue operation for the said children stemmed out when border agents on Tuesday were performing a boat operation.

In the middle of their assignment, the patrol agents spotted an unusual color and when they looked closer, a toddler and a baby in a carrier were discovered alone on the banks of the Rio Grande, ABC 30 reported.

A note in the baby carrier was also discovered by the authorities, indicating that the migrant children were both from Honduras.

"The attention to detail our agents demonstrate while performing their duties can be the difference between life and death," Chief Patrol Agent Robert Garcia said in a statement. Garcia furthered that he was frustrated, and his heart was broken to discover children were being abandoned "without remorse or concerns for their lives and well[-]being."

Custom and Border Protection (CBP) photographed the location where the border agents discovered the children and posted it online. The two-year-old girl and the three-month-old baby in the crate were seen seeking shelter underneath the tall grasses.

Despite locating the rescued migrant children, the border agents were also reported to search for the area, but they found no other individuals.

Despite the horrifying experience, both migrant children from Honduras did not need any medical attention. The children were brought to Uvalde, Texas for processing.

Thousands of Migrants Gather Under Bridge in Del Rio, Texas

The rescued abandoned children from Honduras were not the only ones who were seeking asylum in the United States. On Wednesday, thousands of migrants were seen gathered under an international bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

Over 4,200 migrants were reported waiting under the bridge, Fox News mentioned, citing Border Patrol and law enforcement sources.

The migrants were reported to be kept under the bridge, as they wait to be apprehended after crossing illegally into the United States while local facilities were greatly overwhelmed by the influx of immigrants into the borders.

The migrants were seen under the bridge in Texas as the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced a new rule on Tuesday, that would require asylum seekers to be fully vaccinated and present COVID vaccine proof as they seek citizenship into the U.S.

Migrant Encounters 

In August, at least 208,887 migrant encounters were recorded by the Department of Homeland and Security, marking the first decrease of migrant encounters under the Biden administration. However, the said number only equates to a two percent drop over the more than 212,000 apprehensions in July.

Furthermore, the encounters in August also represented a 317 percent increase over the previous year's apprehensions in the same month. It can be recalled that at least 50,014 migrant encounters were recorded in August 2020.

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Written By: Joshua Summers

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