An Alabama National Guard soldier was arrested on September 13 after he tried to transport a kilogram of cocaine in Hidalgo, Texas, a federal criminal complaint said.

Army Times reported that Spc. Derrick Sankey was nabbed by Homeland Security Investigations agents of nearby McAllen during an undercover operation.

National Guard Soldier Becomes Drug Transporter

Based on the complaint, the 21-year-old soldier assigned to the 2025th Transportation Company was in uniform and driving a marked Border Patrol vehicle when he took possession of the cocaine.

Military officials said Derrick Sankey was deployed to Texas as part of the Defense Department's border support mission. According to HSI special agent David Racca, Sankey said he thought he would be paid $1,000 for the pickup and transport of the drugs.

The information received by investigators on September 8 pointed to the National Guard soldier being involved in drug transportation and distribution.

Days after receiving the information, undercover agents set up a sting operation that involved instructing Derrick Sankey to pick up a drug package at a Whataburger fast-food chain in Hidalgo, a city that straddles the U.S.-Mexico border.

The complaint said the National Guard soldier agreed to deliver the package to a hotel in McAllen. The complaint added that Sankey believed that the person who delivered the package was from Mexico.

A source with knowledge of the investigation told the Army Times that HSI agents searched Sankey's hotel room on the night of his arrest.

Local news outlet The Monitor reported that Derrick Sankey appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge J. Scott Hacker on September 14. 

Hacker said an assessment on the finances of Sankey indicated he had a "substantial amount of money" in the bank. The assessment was conducted to determine if there's a need for a public defender to be appointed.

Sankey is being held without bond until a detention hearing, which is scheduled on Friday.

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California's Multi-Agency Raid

In California, the Salinas Police Department announced on Thursday the largest drug bust in Monterey County history, KSBW reported.

During "Operation Blackhawk," Salinas police and federal agents seized close to $2 million worth of illegal drugs off the streets.

In particular, Salinas police confiscated 60 pounds of methamphetamine, nearly seven pounds of cocaine and heroin, and 25,000 Fentanyl pills.

The operation stretched from Salinas to Yuma. Even veteran officers in Salinas could no longer remember this many drugs being taken off the streets in one bust.

Aside from the drugs, authorities also confiscated cash. In total, police said eight people were arrested. They are now facing drug charges, conspiracy to commit murder, and gang enhancements.

Salinas Mayor Kimbley Craig praised law enforcement officers for their efforts.

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