Former Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that U.S. President Joe Biden had fallen asleep during a meeting with the new Israeli leader Naftali Bennett.

A Facebook video shared by social media users appeared that the president had been looking down and nodding off as Bennett talked in the Oval Office, according to a Daily Mail report.

However, Biden was reported to be awake but his response to Bennett was cropped from the video, which suggested to viewers that the president was having a "senile" moment.

The longer footage was released after the clip was cut. It showed Biden responding to the Israeli prime minister.

Netanyahu posted a video on his Facebook page on Sunday, with an off-camera voice, saying that Biden was "very attentive at this meeting."

Former Israel's leader went on to mock the president and said that dropped his head in agreement.

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"Biden Falling Asleep"

Netanyahu's party, the Likud, came to his defense saying that he was not mocking the president, rather he was taking a jab at Bennet.

The official Twitter account of the party said that Bennett spoke at length about nothing.

Netanyahu led Israel's right-wing party and was a close ally of former U.S. President Donald Trump, according to The Hill report.

The former prime minister had also left office during criminal investigations against him. Netanyahu continues to aim to return to his position with strong support from his nationalist base.

Meanwhile, the claim that the president was sleeping during the meeting was widely shared despite its false claims.

Rep. Lauren Boebert tweeted the video in August, with a caption saying to wake up as the president still has a resignation letter to sign, according to a USA Today report.

Florida state Rep. Blaise Ingoglia also joined the party and posted the 22-second cropped video, with a caption reading that "Sleepy Joe Biden" actually fell asleep during a meeting with Bennett.

However, a closer look noted that Biden's hands show that he moved his thumbs as Bennett spoke, suggesting that he is not sleeping when his head was down.

In July, Biden had also faced another "sleepy" moment when Trump wished him luck dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump had reminded the president not to fall asleep during the meeting, adding to give Putin his warmest regard.

The former Republican president gave Biden the moniker "Sleepy Joe," according to an Andalou Agency report.

Israel's Change of Leadership

Israel's Parliament approved the new government by just a single vote of 60 to 59, with one abstention.

Bennett described his ascension as an essential antidote to an unmovable stalemate, according to The New York Times report.

Bennett is a former high-tech businessman known for insisting that there must never be a full-fledged Palestinian state. He also pushed that Israel should annex much of the occupied West Bank.

He entered the Israeli Parliament eight years ago and was unknown and inexperienced on the international stage, casting doubt on the kind of leader he is.

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