Netflix's "Queen's Gambit" won a major category on the 2021 Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, which is among the streaming behemoth's first Emmy trophies.

On Sunday, the "Queens Gambit" won for the category Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series. "The Crown" was also hailed Outstanding Drama Series.

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Netflix 'Queen's Gambit' Wins Major Category at Emmy Awards 2021

In the speech, William Horber, the executive producer of the show, expressed his gratitude for their project's fellow competitor on the said category.

"Thank you to all the fellow nominees in this category... Amazing work this year," Horberg pointed out. The executive producer went on and dedicated the award to the fans of their show who told their fans about "Queen's Gambit."

Horberg also thanked Netflix for giving them a chance, saying that the streaming behemoth took a "risky material" and trusted the filmmakers.

Horberg also lauded the show's lead actress, Anya Taylor-Joy, contending that the actress brought the "sexy back to chess."

"You [Taylor-Joy] inspired a whole generation of girls and young women to realize that patriarchy simply has no defense against our queens," Horberg stressed, adding that the casts included in the show were all "dream team."

In an interview with E Online, Anya Taylor-Joy shared what she felt after their show got an Emmy award.

"It was incredible. I mean Moses [Ingram] and I were on top of each other already then we were like 'Oh God what do we do now?'" Taylor-Joy, who has an Argentine descent, highlighted, adding that the win was "amazing."

Moses Ingram, on the other hand, shared that the win of their show made her "extremely blessed" to be part of an "amazing group of people."

Netflix "Queen's Gambit" Not Getting Season 2: EP Says

Despite their winning, Scott Frank, who also served as an executive producer for "Queen's Gambit," shared that their show will not likely get a second installment.

In an interview, Scott Frank shared that he felt their team already told the story they would want to tell, adding that he fears the story would be ruined if they try to continue the narrative of the show.

Despite breaking the news that "Queen's Gambit" will not likely get another season, Horberg underscored that their team "is going to keep working together." Horberg noted that they would try to find another story "with the same passion" and the same group of amazing artists.

Anya Taylor-Joy seconded what Horberg noted, saying "absolutely."

"Queen's Gambit" was reported to be the most-watched limited series on Netflix, with a record of at least 62 million viewers worldwide.

Netflix Sued by Chess Legend Over 'Queen's Gambit'

The winning of the said Netflix series also came as Soviet-era chess legend Nona Gaprindashvili sued the streaming behemoth over "Queen's Gambit," contending that a line from the limited series was "grossly sexist and belittling."

The lawsuit filed by Gaprindashvilli's camp argues that Netflix "brazenly and deliberately" lied about the chess legend's achievement to make the fictional hero able to do what other women can do.

In a statement, Netflix said they have the "utmost" respect for the chess legend and her career. However, the streaming behemoth pointed out that the claims have no merit, and they will "vigorously" defend the case.

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