President Joe Biden has reportedly surveyed the "toys," and large TV screens left by former president Donald Trump in the White House and allegedly said, "What a f------ a--hole."

Citing a new book titled "Peril" by journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, Independent reported that the president experienced discomfort when he first moved into the White House.

Joe Biden reportedly called the White House "the tomb," while comparing it to the Waldorf Astoria hotel. 

Donald Trump 'Toys' at the White House

During his stay at the White House, Donald Trump has added two extra TV sets and asked for personal locks on his bedroom door.

The former president upload programs on a huge video screen so he could virtually play on the world's most famous golf courses, Huff Post reported.

The book "Peril" noted that one night, Joe Biden wandered into a room where he saw the "former president's toys," the huge video screen, and said, "What a f------ a--hole."

Donald Trump and former first lady Melania had separate sleeping quarters, making them the first presidential couple to do so after the Kennedys.

Woodward and Costa, who wrote about the president's personal experience at the White House, claimed that Joe Biden preferred "relaxing with the grandkids back in Delaware."

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'Peril' Book Claims

The book has revealed several detailed scenes from the early days of Joe Biden's presidency. It also included Russian President Vladimir Putin's comments on one of Biden's statements.

ABC News reported that Woodward and Costa wrote that Putin told Biden that he was upset when the president called him a killer on an April 13 phone call.

"Peril" had also recounted the early efforts of the government to address the COVID pandemic and the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

According to the book, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said that being upstairs at the White House feels like you're staying at someone else's home.

The book further noted that Joe Biden and his aides reportedly prefer to mention Donald Trump in private.

The president's top aides were also reported to have created a "wall" for Biden to avoid speaking at "unscripted events" to prevent potential gaffes, The Hill reported.

However, the president had numerously made the headlines after misstatements. Peril also detailed Biden's decision over the Afghanistan withdrawal, eventually overruling Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

The two secretaries reportedly suggested a phased pullout in hopes it could yield a political settlement with the Taliban.

However, Joe Biden insisted on pressing forward and was determined not to extend a U.S. presence in Afghanistan, the book said. The White House has yet to comment on the claims made in the book.

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