A Florida college student who vanished while on his way to see her father in South Carolina last week was found dead on Sunday.

Sheridan Wahl's mother, Kelly DeArment Wahl, took to Facebook to share her thoughts on her daughter's passing.

"We are heartbroken beyond belief to share the news that our beloved Sheridan Wahl has passed," Wahl's mother said. 

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Florida College Student Discovered Far From Her Vehicle

Sheridan Wahl's body was found behind the Hannah-Salem-Friendfield Fire Department, Crime Online reported. However, her car was discovered crashed and burned in a ditch in a cornfield about 10 miles away.

Witnesses mentioned seeing a white male driving or fleeing from the scene. Wahl's body was found two days before her car was found in the cornfield, The Daily Mail reported.

The 21-year-old college student drove hundreds of miles from her home in Tampa, Florida to visit her father in Myrtle Beach last week.

Wahl's roommate, Elizabeth Echenique, said that while in Myrtle Beach on September 19, Wahl tried to rent a scooter but was refused service since she was not wearing shoes.

On the same day, Wahl told her mother through a FaceTime call that she was returning home, but her mother advised her to stay the night in Myrtle Beach to avoid the long drive back to Florida.

However, Wahl soon stopped communicating with her family, and calls kept going to voicemail. Wahl's father also told police that her daughter never arrived at his home. Wahl's mother issued a plea for information on Facebook on September 20. 

The Myrtle Beach Police Department said in a statement that the Florida college student was able to leave "our jurisdiction safely" after opening an investigation a day after her disappearance.

Law enforcement officers did not yet detail Wahl's cause of death. State authorities are now investigating it.

"Please note that the case has yet to be closed - and details have not been confirmed. A full statement will be released pending more information," Wahl's mother said, adding that their family graciously requests that their privacy be respected.

Wahl's body was brought to the Medical University of South Carolina Friday for an autopsy to determine her cause of death.

GoFundMe Account Created to Help Cover Funeral Expenses of Florida College Student

Echenique has set up a GoFundMe account to raise funds for the funeral expenses.

"She was an amazing musician and many times would sit down to make music for fun and relaxation alone and with friends," said Wahl's roommate, adding that her friend was spontaneous, kind, loving, talented, and knew how to make her friends laugh.

Sheridan Wahl was a student at the University of South Florida, where she was majoring in marketing.

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