English rock band legend The Rolling Stones began with their U.S. Concert Tour "No Filter" on Sunday, as the group wows the crowd without their drummer, Charlie Watts, following his passing.

The Rolling Stones launched their concert tour at the Dome at America's Center in St. Louis. Although Watts was not present to heighten the energy of the audience, the drummer post was filed in by Steve Jordan, who performed for years with Keith Richard's side project, X-pensive Winos.

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The Rolling Stones Pays Tribute to Late Drummer, Charlie Watts

As the rock band continued the show, they remembered their late drummer through performing. At the beginning of the "No Filter" concert tour in St. Louis, the empty stage accompanied by a drumbeat showed photos of Watts flashing on the video board.

For The Rolling Stone's second song, Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, and Keith Richards sang "It's Only Rock 'N' Roll (But I Like It)" in the front of the stage. Jagger and Richards then thanked their fans for outpouring their love and support for Watts.

"This is our first ever tour we've ever done without him [Watts]," Jagger said, adding that they will miss their drummer on and off the stage.

Jagger also admitted that it was emotional seeing the photos of Watts in their concert.

"It's really sad... He [Watts] was the first of the old Stones to pass away," said a fan identified as Laura Jezewski, all the way from Nebraska.

On August 24, Charlie Watts' publicist confirmed the death of the drummer in a statement without providing the cause of the legend's demise. The publicist highlighted that Watts passed away peacefully in a London hospital surrounded by his family.

The drummer's death came several weeks after it was announced that he would not be able to join the "No Filter" concert tour in the U.S. due to a procedure that was "completely successful."

The Rolling Stones Reminded Concert Goers About COVID Protocol

Ahead of their tear-jerking tribute to their drummer, The Rolling Stones first took to social media to remind their fans of staying safe while enjoying their show in St. Louis.

The rock band legend posted a video on their Twitter account, wherein Jagger, Wood, and Richards advised their fans to either get the COVID-19 vaccines just like them or get tested.

"We all got the shot and you better get one too... So if you're not vaccinated get tested," Jagger and Richards said in the video.

The band went on urging their fans to put their mask on "as it's no big deal."

Aside from reminding their fans about the safety protocols, COVID-19 vaccines were also made available in the venue as Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson jabs were offered free of charge.

Although the group urged their fans to get their jabs, vaccines and negative tests were not required upon entry of their concert. Only wearing face masks was required to be worn except while eating or drinking.

After their concert in St. Louis, The Rolling Stones is set to stop in North Carolina and Florida. The rock band legend will finish their "No Filter" U.S. concert tour on November 6 in Las Vegas.

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WATCH: The Rolling Stones dedicate first show in 2021 to Charlie Watts - From EdBmusic

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