Police in Brazil had found a huge trove of Nazi memorabilia, including weapons, worth around $3.5 million inside the home of a suspected pedophile.

The Brazilian man was identified as Aylson Proenca Doyle Linhares, 58. He was arrested on Tuesday. 

Fox News reported that the suspect was arrested after a couple in his Vargem Grande neighbourhood at Rio de Janeiro had accused him of abusing their 12-year-old son.

Police said they found more than 1,000 Nazi memorabilia items at the suspect's home, including the images and busts of Adolf Hitler, publications, uniforms, paintings, flags, insignia, and medals of the Third Reich.

Police had also found a Nazi membership card that showed the suspect's photo and personal details and multiple firearms and ammunition from WWII-era.

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Suspected Pedophile in Brazil With Huge Stash of Nazi Memorabilia

Police had discovered the haul after they serve an arrest warrant to the Brazilian man at his home. Linhares was suspected of raping a minor and abusing other children in Vargem Grande.

Linhares was charged was charged with illegal possession of weapons, racism and pedophilia after police also found photos of minors at his home, Daily Mail reported.

Police Commissioner Luis Armond, the lead detective on the case, said the Brazilian man's massive collection of Nazi memorabilia contained "monstrous material." 

Armond said that Linhares was a "smart guy and articulate." But he noted that the suspected child abuser was also a "Holocaust denier," homophobic, and "a pedophile." Armond claimed that Linhares told him that he "hunts homosexuals."

Police said the Brazilian man was being monitored after a number of neighbors reported him approaching children and trying to lure them back to his home, New York Daily News reported.

Armond said the suspect came from a family of wealthy investors. He noted that Linhares has likely used his inheritance to build the collection of Nazi memorabilia. Armond said a high-ranking Nazi uniform would cost around 250,000 euros, Reuters reported.

Police are looking at the suspect's connection to Nazi and other far-right groups and trying to see if he was active in the marketplace for such objects.

Armond said that to obtain such items, one would need a museum. He added that this is something unusual and shocking.

Sexual Violence Against Children in Brazil

Brazil has recorded 17,000 cases of sexual violence against children and adolescents in 2019, according to the National Human Rights Ombudsman.

Out of the reported cases, 82 percent of the victims were girls and 87 percent of the perpetrators were men, the Brazil Talk reported

The National Human Rights Ombudsman said 73 percent of the sexual violence cases reported with them took place at the victim's or offender's home, and father or stepfather committed 40 percent of which.

Data from Safernet Brazil also showed there were over 46,000 complaints of child and adolescent pornography on the internet in 2019.

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