The Los Angeles Lakers coach Frank Vogel revealed that superstars LeBron James and Russell Westbrook are willing to be partners in directing the classic "Showtime" of the purple and gold squad.

The King And BeastBrook Running The Show

James and Westbrook were both at their best with the basketball in their hands and when they were dictating the actions and tempo on the court. When their teams have looked for them in the past, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook played as the directors for their blockbuster games.

However, some sports fans and analysts were not convinced that The King and The Triple-Double Machine would work playing on the same court. Since they were now teammates on the Lakers, they are seeking to have a seamless transition when it comes to ball-handling duties.

According to Los Angeles Times, after the team's practice on Sunday, Vogel stated that he has seen great willingness to play off of each other and to read each other.

Moreover, Vogel said that the ball-handling and ball distribution have really been pretty seamless regardless of who's bringing it, who is initiating and where guys are going to be on the floor.

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LeBron James, Russell Westbrook Roles on Lakers Success

Aside from the advantage of having James and Westbrook who would bring the ball across the court, playing with one another would mean an instant two-man action.

Vogel added that in his opinion, the chemistry has been pretty strong to start, but he mentioned that in order for it to work, there should definitely be a willingness for those guys to share and sacrifice, and to coexist out there.

Moreover, the triple-double machine, Westbrook, led the NBA in assists (11.7) while playing for the Washington Wizards last season, while James ranked eighth (7.8) despite having a trimmed season due to injury.

Meanwhile, during his 18-year career, The King has a usage rate of 31.5% and Westbrook's rate is 32.5% in his professional basketball career. Usage rate is defined as the estimate of the percentage of team plays used by a player while he is playing on the floor. In the NBA, the average rate of a player ranges from 15% to 20%.

Since Westbrook played as a point guard in his pro basketball career, Vogel was asked if he had seen Westbrook trimming some time in having the ball in his hands. The LA Lakers head coach said that Westbrook has been the same and he's still playing the way he always does.

However, Vogel revealed that they have asked the California native star to be effective and aggressive without the basketball especially when LeBron and Anthony Davis are running the offense.

Vogel added that Davis is also a part of this mix with James and Westbrook. Recently, the three stars emphasized that they need patience to win everything this season.

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