Donald Trump's social media was hacked on Thursday, a day after the former president announced the upcoming launch of his social network platform.

The breach, which happened ahead of the social media's beta launch in November, was first noticed by Tech reporter Drew Harwell from The Washington Post, Tech Times reported.

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Donald Trump Truth Hacked

Harwell took to Twitter to report that Truth Social was hacked, with the journalist posting an account named "Donald J Trump," who has a pinned post of an NSFW photo of a pig. However, Harwell pointed out that the recent breach on Truth Social was "not quite a hack."

The journalist explained that "pranksters" found an unreleased test version of Truth Social, then made a fake account in the name of the previews POTUS and used it to post on the photo with sensitive content.

Donald Trump's camp has not yet issued an official statement regarding their social media breach.

Donald Trump Social Media Could Make Ex-President Face Legal Challenges

Aside from the recent breach experienced by Truth Social, Donald Trump's social media could also make the former president face legal challenges, as early users of the platform noticed similarities on Truth Social's code to Mastodon, Gizmodo reported.

Mastodon is known to be an open-source alternative social network that focuses on user privacy and autonomy. The company is known to lease its software on an AGPLv3 license, that permits users to use their code, but they must acknowledge where it came from and make it open for public inspection.

However, Donald Trump's social media claims all the source code from their software is proprietary without mentioning that they got their code from somewhere else.

In an interview, Mastodon founder, Eugen Rochko claimed that Trump's social media was "absolutely" based on their platform, adding that he would seek legal counsel about the incident.

"I do intend to seek legal counsel on the situation... Compliance with the AGPLv3 license is very important to me," Rochko said, adding that the license is the "sole basis" why he and other developers are kind enough to give years of their work free of charge.

Donald Trump Truth

It can be recalled that on Wednesday, Trump excitedly announced the upcoming launch of his social media platform, which according to him aims to fight other giant Tech companies.

"I'm excited to soon begin sharing my thoughts on TRUTH social to fight back against Big Tech," Trump said.

Gizmodo called Trump's social media a "reincarnation" of Twitter, as the platform offers UI that offers Truth just Tweets; Re-Truths just like Retweets; as well as featuring a Truth Feed synonymous to the Twitter feed.

Truth Social was a product of the Trump Media and Technology Group and Digital World Acquisition Corporation.

Aside from social media, Donald Trump's technology group also aims to release a subscription-based video service called TMTG+, that will stream "non-woke" programs.

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Written By: Joshua Summers

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