Samsung's flagship model has recently welcomed another addition to its growing family, and rumors have it that it might be coming to Verizon.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active has been making quite a scene with its water and dust proof features. The only thing that has been bugging fans though is that S4 Active is currently only available on AT&T in the U.S.

However, rumors suggest that the handset may be coming to Verizon. A report by the States Chronicle says that the S4 Mini and the S4 Active will soon follow after the Samsung Galaxy S4 hits Verizon stores. Droid Forums also reported that "insider sources" say the S4 Active will be arriving to the Big Red in the coming months.

Notably, the long standing question of when the S4 Active will be coming to Verizon was also asked in the carrier's Support Forum last month. A Verizon Wireless Customer Support staff replied on the thread after a user asked the carrier about his options when it comes to "rugged smartphones."

"We are constantly expanding our product line. We do not have any information at this point about this device. Sign up to receive exclusive online offers, promotions and the latest information on products and services," said Lena of Verizon.

It seems that Verizon is not denying or confirming news about S4 Active coming to its users - keeping their precious subscribers hanging.

Interestingly, S4 Active is Samsung's "rugged" smartphone. It is 20 grams heavier and 1.2 mm. thicker compared to S4. It also sports a honeycomb-patterned plastic rear cover and is available in "urban gray" and "dive blue." The smartphone has an LCD screen instead of Super AMOLED and uses Gorilla Glass 2 screen layer instead of Gorilla Glass 3. According to Trusted Reviews, the screen layer downgrade does not make S4 Active any stronger than S4 as Gorilla Glass 3 is stronger than the other. The S4 Active also won't be able to take drops well since the rubberized ends of the phone were not designed to protect it from such impacts.

The S4 Active is water and dust resistant with an IP67 certification. It will be able to sustain up to 30 minutes of water exposure when submerged to up to three feet of water.

Other features of the phone include the "Glove Touch Mode" which allows users to navigate and use the phone even with mittens or gloves; and the "Aqua Mode" which allows for underwater photo and video sessions.

S4 Active is available as an unlocked device on Ebay for $589.99. It is currently exclusively carried by AT&T for a reduced price of $199.99 with a 2-year contract. Its regular price, according to the carrier's website is $594.99 giving future subscribers a good $395 worth of savings.