A Northern California dad was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison without parole after he confessed to killing his wife and three children due to financial problems.

According to Forth Worth Star-Telegram, Shankar Hangud confessed to investigators in Placer County about killing his family members over several days across two Northern California counties in October 2019.

California Dad Kills Family After Struggling Financially

The 55-year-old California dad admitted during his confession that he could not provide for them financially. That's why he orchestrated the killings, KCRA reported. Hangud's children were aged 13, 16, and 20.

Based on the report, the prosecutors said police had arrested the California dad shortly after the killings. Prosecutors noted that the suspect drove to a police station in Mount Shasta, which is more than 200 miles from his home, with the body of his oldest son in his car and confessed to all four murders.

After his confession, police said they visited the family's apartment in Roseville, northeast of Sacramento, where they found the bodies of the three other victims.

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California Dad Sentenced to Life in Prison Without Parole After Killing Family Members

According to Roseville Police Captain Josh Simon, he was not expecting that this kind of incident would happen in their area. Simon said after the killings that it did not even cross his mind that an incident of this magnitude could happen in Roseville.

As he sentenced Shankar Hangud to three life prison terms, Jeffrey Penney, a Placer County Superior Court judge, called the killings a "horrific crime."

The district attorney's office said that because the California dad had killed more than one person, there's no possibility for him to get parole.

Prosecutors said Hangud claimed to be in despair after losing his IT-related job. The suspect further noted that he was also struggling in dealing with a marriage that was falling apart. 

In September, the California dad pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree murder for his children. Hangud also pleaded guilty to one count of deliberately aiding his wife to die by suicide.

Placer County prosecutor David Tellman said it was hard to reconcile with the facts that this tragedy could happen because an individual could not get employed.

The prosecutor added that it was sad that Hangud was living in an "old-world, patriarchal thought pattern" where if he could not be a provider, he kills his family because "he doesn't want his family to have nothing" and to suffer.

Before the killings, the California dad was reportedly an unemployed data specialist. His LinkedIn profile showed that he had worked for several Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area companies.

Based on his tax records, Shankar Hangud faced an IRS tax lien of $178,000. But his only interaction with law enforcement was only for speeding in 2016.

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