Five individuals were injured, including two California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers, following a crash at the Golden Gate Bridge during an unpermitted anti-vaccination protest Thursday evening.

Based on the KCBS Radio report, a Golden Gate Bridge District representative confirmed that protesters did not have a permit for their rally.

Golden Gate Bridge Crash Injures Five, Including 2 CHP Officers 

SFGate reported that the crash happened at around 6 p.m. when two California Highway Patrol officers were struck by a vehicle on the bridge's northbound lanes near to the area where protesters had gathered. 

The CHP officers were immediately taken to the hospital. They reportedly suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Three Golden Gate Bridge personnel were also injured after one vehicle rear-ended another car, NBC Bay Area reported.

CHP officials clarified that the crash was not related to the protest. CHP said the crash happened when a Ford Explorer collided with a bridge sweeper. 

The sweeper truck allegedly swerved from the middle lane into a bridge buffer truck which hit the victims. The Explorer was reportedly in the left lane of the road.

It was not clear if the sweeper truck hit the Explorer or if the Explorer hit the sweeper truck. Both drivers were uninjured. The incident reportedly caused traffic in the area.

Based on the KRON4 report, a Golden Gate Bridge District spokesperson said their personnel sustained minor injuries while another worker was taken to the hospital.

The South Marin Fire District posted on their social media account that their crews were on the scene to take patients to a hospital.

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Anti-Vaccine Mandate Rally Caused Traffic Jam in Golden Gate Bridge

Authorities said they closed part of one lane, which jammed traffic. The accident happened during the jam when an SUV collided with a street sweeper that was pushed into a line of CHP officers.

Golden Gate Bridge officials said the east sidewalk was closed for pedestrians as a safety measure, while the west sidewalk remained open for cyclists despite the ongoing protest.

Authorities noted that the traffic jam was caused by the unpermitted anti-vaccine rally where hundreds of individuals had gathered on the bridge Thursday afternoon. The "No vax mandates rally and march" were executed by people who protested against the imposed vaccination against COVID-19.

NBC Bay Area said its aerial footage showed CHP officers were trying to keep protesters off the bridge.

Authorities have also said they gathered at the sidewalk entrance onto the Golden Gate Bridge because individuals in the crowd had stated their intent to take over the lane of traffic. 

The officers noted that their intention was to prevent anybody from getting on the lane of traffic. CHP said one person was already arrested early in the protest. 

Authorities noted that the individual was a driver who stopped a car on the bridge to put out signs and then resisted arrest.

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WATCH: 5 Hurt in Crash on Golden Gate Bridge Near Anti-Vaccine Mandate Rally - From NBC Bay Area