Brazilian football legend Cafu has sensationally claimed that Neymar was 'technically better' than both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Cafu Picks Neymar Over Ronaldo, Messi

According to Daily Mail, the former World Cup-winning captain stated that Neymar was better than the two other stars, but his fellow Brazilian footballer only needed to improve his leadership. Cafu emphasized that Neymar must become a leader both in his club and the international football scene by focusing fully on the game to solidify his name.

Neymar is widely considered as one of the best footballers of his generation, but he had always faced the caveat that he, like everyone else, was outside the realm of Ronaldo and Messi, who are highly regarded as two of the greatest of all time in the field of football.

However, the former AC Milan right-back Cafu insisted that Neymar was the best of the three.

"Neymar is technically better than Messi, better than Cristiano Ronaldo, but he must assume the responsibility of a leader," Cafu shared to Marca.

Cafu added that for Neymar to become a leader, he must dedicate himself 100 percent to football. He shared that he was not better than Neymar, but he was better than other right-backs because he dedicated himself and embraced his role. He added that Neymar has to become a captain.

Meanwhile, the antics of Neymar off the pitch have been generally pointed out as to why he has not yet reached the pinnacle of world football.

Also, despite all of his ability, Neymar has never won the coveted Ballon d'Or, while Portuguese footballer Ronaldo has won it five times, and Argentine star Messi bagged six.

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Neymar's Numbers Against Ronaldo, Messi

Despite being disregarded to the realm of two footballer living legends, Neymar was admired by Messi. The Argentine footballer made no secret of his admiration for Neymar and his huge disappointment when Neymar swapped Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain. The pair have reunited at PSG in no small part due to Neymar convincing Messi to rejoin him once he could not stay at Barca.

Meanwhile, the recent return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United has seen him continue his electric form with nine goals in just 12 games, while Neymar only managed just three goals in 11 games this season for PSG.

Furthermore, Neymar has won 24 trophies in his 12-year career to date. The Brazilian footballer bagged eight league titles and the Champions League.

Despite holding a record of 265 goals in 447 club games, he still had some way to go to reach the heights of both Messi and Ronaldo on the numbers.

So far, Ronaldo managed an astonishing 683 goals in 907 games, including an unbelievable 450 goals in just a total of 438 games for Real Madrid alone. Messi was even more phenomenal, with an outrageous 675 goals in 786 club games and 301 assists to boot under his name.

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