Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen took another shot at his former teammate Michael Jordan, saying "His Airness" got paid for "The Last Dance" documentary while he and his teammates were not.

Pippen noted that it reminded him of how it was back in the day as well. Netflix's "The Last Dance" was an absolute hit among NBA fans, and it was critically acclaimed by everyone due to the insight it provided into the life of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

Scottie Pippen vs. Michael Jordan

According to The Sports Rush, despite the documentary's success, there's one who was not the biggest fan of it, and it happened to be none other than Michael Jordan's teammate with the Bulls, Scottie Pippen. 

In his book "Unguarded" scheduled to be released on November 16, 2021, Pippen was very vocal about his complaints with Jordan.

Scotty Maurice Pippen Sr. spent 17 seasons as a professional player in NBA. In his almost two decades in the league, Pippen played for three teams, but the highlight of his career was on the Chicago Bulls.

The Bulls legendary forward recently revealed that Jordan only made the documentary to teach the current generation about his greatness. 

The 7-time All-star said Michael Jordan wanted to remind everyone, especially the current generation, that he's still larger than NBA star LeBron James.

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Scottie Pippen Claims Michael Jordan Got Paid for 'Last Dance' While They're Not

Scottie Pippen claimed that Michael Jordan got paid for the documentary while he and his teammates did not get a dime for their part in "The Last Dance."

In an excerpt of his book released by GQ, Pippen claimed that Jordan bagged $10 million for the documentary. However, some analysts questioned why Pippen was doing all the attacks and taking shots at Jordan. 

It was still not clear why Pippen, who was at the side of Jordan in the Chicago Bulls' 6 NBA titles, attacked Jordan.

"Michael received $10 million for his role in the doc while my teammates and I didn't earn a dime. Another reminder of the pecking order from the old days. For an entire season, we allowed cameras into the sanctity of our locker rooms, our practices, our hotels, our huddles...our lives," Pippen wrote in his book "Unguarded."

Pippen was currently doing interviews to circulate publicity for his book, but it seems he has taken it to the next level. It was earlier reported that Jordan will not receive money and will not directly benefit financially from "The Last Dance." Jordan said he would donate the proceeds he would receive to charity.

Meanwhile, the Bulls forward also recently made the news for taking his racist allegations about coach Phil Jackson back. Some fans consider Scottie Pippen's move as a marketing strategy for his upcoming book.

But even if it's the case, it's still shocking to see him talk so negatively about Michael Jordan as they were running mates of one of the greatest teams in NBA history.

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