A Georgia ambulance driver is now facing charges after allegedly consuming drugs and alcohol before a rollover crash that killed the 66-year-old patient he was transporting, authorities said.

According to Fox News, Kevin McCorvey admitted to a police officer that he smoked marijuana, took Adderall drug, and drank a beer while driving the ambulance. 

Georgia Ambulance Driver's Reckless Driving Led to Patient's Death

Based on the 13WMAZ report, the crash in Fairburn shortly before 7:25 p.m. Friday killed Wilton Thomason, a 66-year-old dialysis patient who was being transported in a non-emergency capacity.

The Georgia State Patrol said the 34-year-old ambulance driver failed to maintain his lane and traveled off the shoulder, causing the ambulance to overturn in a ditch.

NBC News reported that McCorvey is now being held at Fulton County Jail on charges that include DUI, first-degree homicide by vehicle, driving under the influence of multiple substances, and reckless conduct.

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First Responders at Georgia Fatal Crash Shares Experience

Georgia State Patrol troopers told Fox5 Atlanta that Kevin McCorvey entered the shoulder of a road which caused his driven ambulance to overturn.

An incident report from the Fairburn Police Department said the state patrol was called to the scene and conducted a field sobriety test, which the ambulance driver failed to pass.

Thomason was reportedly not restrained at the time of the crash and died from the injuries he suffered from the accident.

A Fairburn police officer, who was one of the first officers who responded to the crash, wrote in his report that he broke one of the ambulance windows to rescue another passenger present in the vehicle. The officer said the other passenger only suffered a laceration.

The Fairburn Police Department said upon the arrival of a police officer, witnesses at the scene provided a ladder to try to climb through the ambulance's rear door to open it.

The officer made contact with McCorvey and another employee who worked in the ambulance, and they said they were fine, but they had a dialysis patient with them.

The police officer reportedly witnessed McCorvey giving CPR to Thomason following the crash, but the medical first responders later pronounced the patient died at the scene. McCorvey allegedly told the officer that Thomason had gone into cardiac arrest. 

The Fairburn Police Department said the ambulance driver and the second employee tried to leave the scene in an Uber vehicle. However, police said they were stopped, and the officer that spoke to McCorvey smelled an alcoholic odor emanating from his breath.

McCorvey was taken into custody after he failed the sobriety test. The other ambulance worker was reportedly picked up by the owner of a private ambulance service.

According to the records of Fulton County Superior Court, McCorvey appeared in court Monday. NBC News reported that a lawyer listed representing McCorvey could not be reached for comment Tuesday. The patient's families also have yet to comment.

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