Uber and Lyft Will Offer Free Ride to Vaccination Sites: White House

Uber and Lyft Will Offer Free Ride to Vaccination Sites: White House

White House announced its partnership with Uber and Lyft that will make free rides to vaccination sites possible.
Uber And Lyft Drivers Hold Rally Calling For Basic Employment Rights

Latino Leaders in California Express Income Inequality Concerns Over Prop. 22 With Uber, Lyft

Latino leaders in California expressed some concerns over Proposition 22 (Prop 22) during a news conference Monday.

Uber Promises 100% Electric Cars by 2040

Uber Technologies Inc issued a pledge on Tuesday saying all vehicles on its global ride-hailing app will shift to electric cars by 2040.
Uber, Lyft

Uber, Lyft in California Aren't Halting Operations After Court Ruled in Their Favor

Ride-hailing giants Uber and Lyft will continue their operations in California after a new appeals court ruling allows them to treat their drivers as independent contractors.
The chain is targeting young millennials through smart phone apps.

McDonald's To Hire 250K More Workers This Summer

The ice cream machine is still broke, however.
New York Uber Drivers Protest Rate Cuts

Uber Suspends Ride-Sharing Services After Taiwan Impose Fine Of $10.57 Million

Uber Technologies Inc will suspend its service in Taiwan from Feb. 10 over dispute with the island's authorities over mounting fines.
Pittsburgh Uber Self-driving car testing

So Much for That Gig: Uber Now Testing Self-Driving Cars

For now, humans still remain in the drivers seat, even in the self-driving Uber cars currently being trained to eventually work without their input.
Barcelona Cabs Strike Against Uber Taxi App

Uber Settles Major Employee / Contractor Lawuits, But Not the Complicated Issue Underlying Them

Uber settled a couple of big lawsuits on Thursday, but the fundamental question underlying the sharing economy still remains.
Google Updates Its Logo

Google's New Campus is Redefining the Design and Concept of Corporate World Offices

If you're wondering what Google's new set of offices will look like, an early set of mockups has been released to show its possible appearance once constructed. The images feature a quirky and unique design.
German Court Bans Uber Service Nationwide

Uber Sets Eyes on Argentina But May Receive a Chilly Welcome - Here's Why

Uber is broadening its operations by setting its sights on Argentina. The announcement, however, wasn't welcomed warmly.
Capitol Hill

Where Diversity, Tech, Money, and Political Power Mingle

Silicon Valley has a diversity problem. It also has a lot of money. Some of that money is now going to Washington, D.C.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook 'Real Name' Changes, Uber Through Messenger & More

This week was a busy one for Facebook. It launched a new collaboration with Uber through Messenger, announced changes to its controversial "real name" policy, launched its fast-loading Instant Articles for Android, and finally, Facebook was named the most popular smartphone app of 2015 by a Nielsen report. Meanwhile, Twitter hit an all-time low on Wall Street.
Google Self-Driving Car

Google's Self-Driving Cars Could Be Challenging Uber Next Year

Google's self-driving car will be hitting the road soon, as a full-blown for-profit independent company under Google's new umbrella company, Alphabet. The evolution of Google's self-driving car will take a step up in 2016, as Alphabet seeks to compete with Uber through its own self-driving version of a ride-sharing service.
Cabify, Spanish Uber rival

Spanish Uber Rival Cabify Seeks to Expand in Latin America

If you thought Uber already won the battle for supremacy in taxi apps, think again. Spanish rival Cabify just finished a funding round that packed $12 million more in its war chest, which it seeks to use in order to expand into more Latin American cities.
Uber Angel, Colombian Designated Driver service

How This Colombia Startup Uses Unconventional Methods to Capture Global Markets

Here's how Uber is using unconventional strategies to address the interesting peculiarities the company is finding in new markets across the world, starting with Colombia.
Uber app

Uber App: Average Income of UberX Driver in NYC Is Nearly $58,000 Higher Than Average US Taxi Driver

The Uber app service could reportedly help its drivers earn an income of nearly $100,000, much more than average taxi drivers.
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