A rare Tesla lawsuit was filed by one of the company's employees at Fremont Factory. The female staff said that she had already experienced sexual harassment in the manufacturing plant, even though she had only spent months working in the area.  

Rare Tesla Lawsuit Claims Elon Musk's Fremont Factory of Rampant Sexual Harassments
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A Tesla showroom and service center stands in Brooklyn on August 27, 2018 in New York City. The electric automaker saw its stock drop on Monday after its Chief Executive Elon Musk reversed his plans to make the Silicon Valley company private. Tesla shares lost 4% in early trading on Monday.

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The lawsuit filer is a woman named Jessica Barraza. According to the Washington Post's latest report, the new lawsuit was filed on Thursday, Nov. 18. 

The complainer claimed that the Tesla factory located in Fremont, California, has a toxic working environment, specifically affecting female employees. 

Based on Barraza's statements, she usually experiences catcalling and even aggressive physical contact, which clearly makes her uncomfortable. 

Rare Tesla Lawsuit Claims Rampant Sexual Harassments

Jessica said in her filed lawsuit that many male employees are making inappropriate statements about her. These include coke bottle physical appearance and onion figure and other descriptions, which could clearly affect women's feelings. 

Rare Tesla Lawsuit Claims Elon Musk's Fremont Factory of Rampant Sexual Harassments

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A general view of the Tesla Assembly plant building which also does vehicle delivery and has a service centre, on March 29, 2021 in Tilburg, Netherlands. In mid-March, a Dutch online news site reported that the Tilburg plant, which assembles the Tesla Model S and Model X, will cease work due to changes in the production process, jeopardizing around 100 jobs. The company is reportedly in talks with its works council to find new roles for the affected workers.

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"After almost three years of experiencing all the harassment, it robs your sense of security - it almost dehumanizes you," said Barraza, who currently works as a Tesla Model 3 production associate. 

Aside from the actual comments she heard in the Tesla Fremont factory, her supervisor also sent vulgar text messages. What makes this issue alarming is that all her harassers are usually her co-workers.

Based on her statements, it seems like Tesla has rampant sexual harassment activities within its workplace. If ever the lawsuit proves this is true, then Elon Musk clearly needs to step things up so that his female employees would be protected inside the factories.  

Other Lawsuits Against Tesla

Elon Musk's EV company is currently suffering from multiple lawsuits. Business Insider reported that JPMorgan also sued Tesla. 

The financial firm claimed that the giant automaker breached a contract related to stock warrants.

On the other hand, the giant electric car developer also recently sued because of its SolarCity acquisition. You can visit PV Tech's latest report to see more details about it.