A 9-year-old girl in Florida received an award from the police after authorities witnessed in a video how she fought off a robber to protect her mother from a possible threat.

Girl Punches Robber to Protect Her Mother in Florida

According to Fox News, West Palm Beach Police Department said that the 9-year-old girl named Journee Nelson and her mother, Danielle Mobley, were shopping for groceries at Sabor Tropical Supermarket on November 2 when the suspect tried to steal her mother's purse.

West Palm Beach PD stated that while Journee's mother was loading groceries into her car, the suspect "rushed up on her" and started to violently pull at her purse before he knocked Mobley down.

Based on a report, the suspect even told Mobley to let go of the purse, and he said that he would fire a gun while reaching for his waistband.

The 9-year-old girl ran towards the encounter, punched the suspect straight on his head, and even chased the suspect four houses down. The suspect initially got away, but he was later identified as Demetrius Jackson. Police said that Jackson was arrested two days later after the incident.

Journee shared on Sunday during an interview with 'Fox & Friends Weekend' that they were walking out of the store with her mother when she saw the suspect. The girl said that she made eye contact with the suspect, but she looked back at the car.

However, when she opened the vehicle's door, she saw him running towards her mother, prompting her to punch Jackson to protect her mother.

The heroic act of Journee was seen by the police department. The police honored her with a medal and certificate for her quick decision-making, actions, and courage.

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9-year-old Girl Receives Award from Police for Her Bravery

In the department's social media account, West Palm Beach PD said that Chief Adderley honored the 9-year old child for her bravery as she ran to her mother's defense to fend off a brazen robber. West Palm Beach PD said that an arrest was quickly made in the case after the suspect was identified. The West Palm Beach Police Foundation presented the child with a token of appreciation.

Furthermore, the chief also said that despite the bravery shown by the girl in the video, he was not recommending anyone to confront a suspected criminal. Adderley said that he would not recommend confronting an individual like that, but in the heat of the moment, things happen.

The chief added that he was shocked when she kicked him right in the face because he definitely could tell on the video that he was not expecting that, and the actions of Journee were perfect in timing in the particular situation, and for him, the 9-year-old girl hit the suspect pretty hard.

On the other hand, Jackson was charged with robbery and battery.

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