Police pull over drivers, not to issue tickets, but to give turkeys in light of this year's Thanksgiving celebration.

The Mesa Police Department in Mesa, Arizona starts gifting turkeys to drivers who thought they were being pulled over for a violation, according to a Fox News report.

Police officer Jason Flam of the Mesa Police Department told a motorist he pulled over that he made a wide turn and that the driver was supposed to stay in his lane.

However, Flam offered a turkey instead of returning with a ticket.

The police officer said some of the unsuspecting drivers pulled over were emotional, with one man being in tears. Flam said that he does not think they can afford the turkey, adding that it worked out really well.

One driver thanked Flam for the turkey. However, she said that she had already bought a Thanksgiving turkey and requested that he give it to another.

One person, Mike Ormerod, said that he was on his way to pick up some Thanksgiving food. He said that the turkey saved him a "few bucks."

Mesa police is one of the many U.S. police departments handing "turkeys not tickets."

A Mesa police commander proposed the Turkeys not Tickets program in an effort to connect with the community.

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U.S. Police Departments During Thanksgiving

The McAllen Police Department in Texas had also made numerous traffic stops to give away Thanksgiving turkeys, according to a Valley Central News report.

The McAllen Police noted that the "Ticket or Turkey" event is a "goodwill gesture" during the Thanksgiving holiday.

McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez said that it is a great opportunity for them. He added that they had faced some difficult times as a community, as a country.

Rodriguez said that the gesture allows them to quickly "turn that around."

One motorist, Perla Romero, said she was worried at first when she saw the police lights behind her. Romero said she was grateful after realizing that she was receiving a turkey. She noted that it feels really nice and thankful for the food.

Romero said that it means people out there care.

The McAllen Crime Stoppers Board raised funds to procure Thanksgiving turkey dinners for 250 families with "modest means" for the giveaway.

Rodriguez said that they are very proud to be part of the effort, as well as the leadership of the Crime Stoppers Board.

Castle Hills law enforcement had done the effort earlier.

Police Chief Esteban Zuniga said that it's their way of putting some cheer in the holidays, according to a KSAT report.

Castle Hills Mayor JR Trevino came up with the idea of handing out Thanksgiving turkeys. Trevino said that it is the time of the year that everybody has something going on, citing COVID and the winter weather storm. The Castle Hills mayor said that it was an opportunity for them to do something for the community.

Local business True Flavors Catering was tapped to purchase 20 turkeys to be given to drivers.

One of the drivers, Denise Shelley Livingston, said that she thinks it was wonderful for them who have less to have to buy and more to share.

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Written by: Mary Webber

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