U.S. President Joe Biden had admitted on Thursday that he personally called the emergency room to ensure that the wife of his "good friend" would receive immediate care as the waiting room was so crowded.

Biden said during a speech that his friend's wife had a high fever, having trouble breathing, and could not catch her breath, according to a Fox News report.

The president added that they got the women into the hospital and the waiting room was so crowded. He noted that he knew the person and called the desk receiving nurse and what the situation was.

He said that it took a while as the huge majority of emergency rooms and doctors were occupied taking care of COVID patients, adding that everyone can name somebody who got sent to the hospital something other than COVID and couldn't immediately get a response.

Biden said that he was not complaining that he made the phone call as health care workers are already working in overcrowded hospitals.

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Biden COVID Vaccine Mandate

Biden did not say whether his call had helped his friend and his wife get seen by a doctor.

The preseident went on and touted his vaccine mandates, calling all military and government workers to get the vaccine, according to a Daily Mail report.

He also called on businesses with over 100 employees to require vaccination or a weekly COVID test.

Biden said that he is calling employers to act and require their respective employees to get vaccinated. He added that the vaccine mandate is unpopular to some, politics for others. Biden argued that they are lifesaving and game-saving for the U.S.

Biden made the mandate last month calling for companies with 100 or more employees to ensure their workforces are regularly tested or fully vaccinated.

Biden's approval rating has declined along with his announcement of the vaccine mandate.

Vaccination in Companies

United Airlines is among the companies to tell its workers to get vaccinated against the COVID if they wanted to keep their posts, according to an NPR report.

United Airlines said that 99.5 percent of their employees have been vaccinated, not including around 2,000 who have applied for religious or medical exemptions.

Other employers had also reported success with their vaccine mandates such as the case with Tyson Foods, major hospitals in Maine, New York City schools, and the National Basketball Association.

Golden State Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins had reluctantly got himself the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Wiggins said at a news conference that the only options were to get vaccinated or not play in the NBA. He added that hopefully it works out in the long run and he is still healthy in 10 years.

Before Biden's vaccination, 3,500 organizations have already imposed the requirements of their own volition, including educational institutions and hospitals.

IBM had recently announced that all U.S. employees must be fully vaccinated by December 8 or face unpaid suspensions.

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