Latin businessman Brandon Ivan Pena was born in El Paso, Texas. He is one of the top listed entrepreneurs, motivational speaker, and business consultant; not only this, but he will also be a book writer soon in future. Brandon was a very hard-working and determined guy from the beginning, and he also knew that there was no shortcut to becoming successful.

In this article, we will discuss him as a motivational speaker, a successful entrepreneur, a business consultant, and a book writer that he will launch at the end of 2021 or 2022.

Brandon as a successful entrepreneur:

The most lovable and consumed beverage in the world is coffee; a good coffee cup helps everyone wake up in the morning no matter what they are doing. 

Brandon himself is too addicted to coffee. So, he owns a coffee farm named hacienda iluminada in Maricao, Puerto Rico, where they grow, process, and grind their coffee beans to create a product of exquisite flavour. These seeds are distributed in the three stores in San Juan DE Puerto Rico, 9 in New York City, and More under construction in the same city.

Brandon introduces the first and unique coffee taste through the name 787 coffee in the famous city of New York, which whoever savours becomes a fan. Brandon Pena systemizes a detailed and testifying process to create the desirable and delicious beans of coffee, says Daily Reuters.

The main reason for him as a successful coffee owner is his habit of systematizing the detailed and tested process to create the desirable and delicious means of coffee.

Brandon stated that;

" At 787 coffee, we love to create memories, so we focus on human interactions."

Brandon as a book writer (A New book that he is going to publish):

For a Brandon company, he will launch his first book, and he's excited about it. In his book, he will share so many things that he has learned from being in business to attending some of the best industry and social media conferences of the world and speaking to some of the most creative ideas.

Brandon as a motivational speaker and business consultant:

In addition to this, he owns his personal brand Brandon through which does a business Consulting and motivational speaker for youth. He has dedicated over 20 years to marketing account management, content creation, and Business Consulting. During that time, he luckily had the opportunity to meet successful businessmen and women who have served as motivation. Brandon presents a lot of workshops for young and start-up entrepreneurs through his well-known company Brandon. Through this company, he is appreciated and aiding the young ones on how to resolve every issue regarding the business world confidently.

In all his workshops or conferences, he pushes his candidates or young ones to work hard and stay determined on the go they once set.

Brandon as a Motivational figure for this generation:

Brandon Ivan Pena is a versatile personality processing the traits of an entrepreneur, business speaker, business consultant, and coffee lover. He has converted his passion into action, and not only words he has shown to the world that let in people are not less than any other Nation. This and future generations can learn from him.