Introduction of Elvisa Dedic

Elvisa Dedic, born in 1995, is a gorgeous model, Instagram influencer, brand ambassador, and entrepreneur with a net worth of 1.5 million dollars. She is originally from Bosnia but currently living in America, enjoying a successful life. Like any other girl, she is truly passionate about fashion and its glamour. Her fashion craze began at an early age. Growing up, Elvisa's passion was nurtured in a mature way. She started looking for opportunities to show the world her skills. Instagram gave her this opportunity. Elvisa amazed people with her mesmerizing content and modeling photos there. 

Soon she got thousands of followers which are increasing day by day. With continuous success as an Instagram influencer, Elvisa was approached by many huge brands of clothing, makeup, skincare, etc. Today she is an ambassador of popular fashion brand Fashion Nova plus running her own business of cosmetics named Elvisa Cosmetic. She is becoming a legend in women empowerment; showing that a woman can achieve all. Elvisa is truly an ideal for young girls, no less than a Diva.           

Elvisa Dedic's passion

Elvisa Dedic has adored glittery things since her childhood. Her eyes would glow like a shining star whenever she saw her mother doing makeup. Growing up, her passion was nurtured in maturity. She is familiar with every glossary and modus operandi of makeup. Anything regarding it such as the style, the trend, the gloss, the divine, the art can be learned from her. Elvisa learned all that at an early age due to her zeal for beauty. She has taken the beauty looks to another level.   

The Early life of Elvisa Dedic

Elvisa Dedic was born in the beautiful country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, she moved to America with her family when she was 11 years old for some reason. Coming to the USA eased her path of choice towards fashion. Moreover, Instagram and other social media platforms opened a wide opportunity for Elvisa as they are going on a peaking trend. Platforms like Instagram have surely introduced the world to a new form of living style. It is another world on its own. It has opened several ways for people, especially youngsters, to earn good money and fame. Besides common people, huge brands and celebs are taking full advantage of this platform to advertise and earn.

Education of Elvisa Dedic

Usually, when we hear about the name models, we get to know that rarely do some of them study till graduation but Elvisa here is not one of them. Elvisa Dedic is a true example of beauty with brains. Although she was passionate about makeup and fashion, she has her separate interest in studying psychology. She believed that studies and learning for women of any field are as equally significant as getting married. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in psychology with 4.0 and a degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Florida in 2019. After completing her studies, she went to the career path of modeling and excelled in it. With every action of her life, Elvisa narrates women's empowerment and a great identification of it.        

Work of Elvisa Dedic

Elvisa Dedic has explored many work fields at such a young age. Being a true women empowerment symbol, she is showing her strong potential as a model, influencer, spokesperson, and entrepreneur. Let us have a brief discussion about her work.

Working as an Instagram influencer

Although Elvisa began her career with modeling, her fame began with Instagram. Like many other young generations, Elvisa started uploading gorgeous and incredible photos of her modeling on Instagram which caught many eyes. Thousands of people started following her. Her photos and other content started going viral. People adore her and anxiously wait for her next post. They show their love and admiration for her work of fashion in the comment section and demand her next post.

Elvisa is beyond doubt elegantly influencing people. A young girl follows her style of makeup and clothing. Elvisa has earned the trust of her audience by showing them true fashion colors and how they can be a part of it. She was given the title of "Queen of Instagram" for her sizzling and enchanting content.   

Today Elvisa has more than 890k followers and this fanbase is increasing day by day. Read this article to learn 6 Ways to Get New Instagram Followers.

Working as a Model

After showing a lot of dazzling fashion modeling and gaining a lot of fame, multiple brands and fashion companies approached her. She was demanded more when these companies realized that Elvisa can pull off every look she puts on. She modeled for several brands of clothing, makeup, sports, bikinis, and skincare. The most popular ones are Pretty Little Things, Fashion Nova, and Diva Boutique. Moreover, she worked with some online outlet companies such as Chic Couture Online and GitiOnline. You can see the collaborated work on Elvisa's Instagram.  

Working as a Brand Ambassador

While working with great brands, Elvisa was offered the job of the brand spokesperson of huge fashion companies two times. The first offer was by the makeup brand Pretty Little Things and then Fashion Nova. Elvisa gained a lot of good experience working with such fine companies. It enhanced the flexibility of his confidence, skills, and other business traits.

Working as an Entrepreneur

"My goal was not always to wear brands, it was to become one." Elvisa Dedic

Elvisa Dedic launched the first brand "Elvisa Cosmetics" on July 16th, 2021. She is the CEO of the company that offers the utmost quality cosmetic products such as lipstick, lip scrub, highlighter, mascara, eyeshadow palette, makeup bags, and much more. The company is getting more and more clients, becoming a genuine brand.  

The present life of Elvisa Dedic

Currently, Elvisa is living in the USA, enjoying life as a successful independent woman. She is living her dreams by following her passion for once she worked hard exploiting her skills. At the time she is working as a chief executive officer of her company and brand ambassador of Fashion Nova.

Net Worth

Elvisa Dedic has a net worth of 1.5 million dollars. She has shown the world that even women can achieve high by working hard, being determined, and being 100% dedicated.  

An Amazing Symbol of Women Power

Elvisa is impacting the women's world to empower it for others like her. She is hugely inspired by the classy women of the '50s and '70s. She wants the women of this era to be strong and classy like them. She is not wrong though. Those were the women who brought the first idea of women empowerment after a lot of downward situations regarding women. They started the first wave of feminism. Elvisa Dedic wants today's girls to be strong like them like she has become. She is not just saying with words but presenting with her actions of strength. Elvisa said in an interview:   

 "I want to inspire, motivate & positively impact women all around the world, especially in the younger generation. I want to show the younger generation that you don't need to disrespect yourself to obtain success, and to never take the shortcut by trading your dignity, morals, and respect for success."

Upcoming projects

There is no specific task or project announced by Elvisa Dedic yet. However, she is planning to take her brand to the next level.

Final Verdict

A star, an inspiration, a beauty, a great example of intelligence, a business mind, a trustworthy human being, a piece of gem. Words are less to explain this gorgeous girl. Such girls not only show the women's confidence but teach other women the meaning of confidence. The world has changed. 

It has opened many opportunities for women to prove their strength in any field of life (thanks to the women before). People have broadened their minds but still, some have not changed yet. There are still some things that are not welcomed towards women. To free such things, women need to go beyond their comfort zone like the women with the first idea of feminism did. More importantly: support the ones who do stand.  

If you want to connect with our strong beloved Elvisa Dedic, follow her on Instagram. You can also visit her website. Links are given below.