Former U.S. President Donald Trump's new social media app is set to be launched on February 21, according to Apple's app store list.

Truth Social's release date would coincide with the President's Day long weekend, according to a CNET report.

Social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube had kicked Trump out of their platforms in 2021 due to concerns about his remarks that would incite more violence after the January Capitol attack.

Twitter had permanently closed its doors to Trump, while Facebook suspended the former president until at least January 2023. Facebook said it would assess the risk of violence near the end of Trump's suspension period.

Meanwhile, YouTube noted that it would revoke the ban once the threat of violence died down.

Trump also had posts flagged by Facebook and Twitter for spreading misinformation about the election. This was before he was banned from the platforms.

Trump was also accused of posting misinformation about the COVID pandemic.

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Donald Trump's Truth Social

Truth Social is available for pre-order before being publicly released on the U.S. Presidents' Day holiday. It is considered as the Trump Media & Technology Group alternative to Twitter.

The Trump social media app offers features to follow other people, as well as seeing trending topics, which are features similar to Twitter.

TMTG and Apple did not comment on the matter. However, a source familiar with the matter confirmed that February 21 is the planned launch date of the app, according to The Guardian report.

The launch is seen as the first of three stages in TMTG's development. The company is also eyeing an entertainment platform with news and podcasts content.

A November investor presentation noted that TMTH also wants to launch a podcast network.

TMTG announced its partnership with Digital World in October, six weeks after the company certified at the time of its initial public offering in September.

Trump says the new platform can be a platform that can be used instead of other Silicon Valley companies, which he claimed are all biased against him and other conservative voices, according to an AFP News report.

The social media app is currently being used by invited guests as it prepares for public launch.

Trump's Misinformation on Social Media Apps

Trump's most-liked tweets contained falsehoods, according to a CNBC analysis of the former president's tweets during his administration.

Sam Woolley of the University of Texas at Austin's Center for Media Engagement said that Trump's main use of Twitter has been for spreading propaganda.

The director of the propaganda research noted that the former president used the platform to manipulate public opinion. Woolley added that Trump used Twitter to delegitimize information and his opponents.

Trump's 36 posts containing election falsehoods garnered a collective 22.6 million likes and 3.9 million retweets.

Woolley noted that Trump has turned to Twitter as the core platform for spreading disinformation about the election.

Kelly Born, executive director of the Cyber Policy Center at Stanford University, said the increase in social media disinformation from Trump and others has visible effects on U.S. democracy.

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