Former president Donald Trump reacted to the two-year ban that Facebook imposed on him on Friday by saying that there will be no friendly dinners with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg the "next time" he's president. 

As he hinted at another presidential run in 2024, Trump said the next time he is in the White House, "there will be no more dinners, at his request, with Mark Zuckerberg and his wife. It will be all business!" 

According to The Guardian, there were reports this week that Trump believes he will be reinstated in the presidency by August.

In October 2019, the former president hosted a secret dinner for Mark Zuckerberg at the White House, NBC News reported.

Nick Clegg, the former British deputy prime minister who is now Facebook's vice-president of global affairs, announced the social media giant's ban on Trump until 2023.

The ban follows the recommendation of Facebook's Oversight Board. The former president has been banned from Facebook since January, when he allegedly incited supporters to attack the U.S. Capitol over alleged electoral fraud.

In a press release, Facebook said that Trump's suspension could get past the two years mark if the former president continues to be a "serious risk" to public safety, Washington Examiner reported.

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Reports on Donald Trump's Return to White House

Jason Miller, a top adviser and spokesman to Trump, said that reports are not true about Trump's return to the White House.

Lara Trump, married to Trump's son Eric, appeared in an interview and cast doubt whether Trump has talked about being reinstated.

However, she did not exclude the possibility. She added that a lot of folks are getting a little worked up about something just because maybe there was not enough pushback from the Republican side.

Donald Trump had reportedly trying to recruit people to spread the news that he might be reinstated in the position this summer, according to The Week report.

The New York Times' Maggie Haberman said that Trump is trying to get conservative writers to publish in a more mainstream way that the election was stolen.

The Washington Post also reported that Trump has told allies that he could return to the White House this year.

Facebook Ban

Donald Trump said that the Facebook suspension was an insult to those who voted for him in "the rigged presidential election." He added that the platform should not be allowed to get away with this censoring and silencing.

Facebook noted that the two-year ban provides a time period "long enough" to be a significant deterrent to Trump and other world leaders who might make the same posts.

The platforms also said that the time period is enough to allow a "safe period of time" after the acts of incitement, Vox reported.

Facebook said that it will review its ban after two years, whether there is still a risk to public safety and possible civil unrest.

Clegg noted that they know that any penalty they apply or choose not to apply will be controversial. He also said that the Oversight Board is not a replacement for regulation, and they will continue for a thoughtful regulation in the social media platform.

Last month, the board ruled that Facebook should not have banned Donald Trump indefinitely and would have to make a final decision within six months.

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