A surveillance video recorded on Friday showed a New Mexico teen mom throwing a black sack in the dumpster with her newborn infant inside.

The New Mexico mother in the video was identified as Alexis Avila. The 18-year-old mother was charged with attempted murder and child abuse, Fox News reported.

However, The Daily Mail noted that Avila was released from jail after posting a $10,000 unsecured bond less than two hours after her arrest. The New Mexico teen mom is scheduled to be arraigned at a later time at Lea County District Court, but the specific time and date were not furthered by the authorities.

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New Mexico: Newborn Found in Dumpster

A surveillance video showed a woman arriving in a white Volkswagen Jetta. The woman then opened the back door of her car and tossed a black trash bag into the dumpster.

The incident occurred outside the store Rig Outfitters owned by Joe Imbriale. According to Imbriale, he received a call at around 8:30 on Friday, and officers asked him whether his cameras at the back of his store are working.

Imbriale shared that he thought someone had broken into his store, but to his surprise, the footage of the woman played on the surveillance video.

Six hours later, three people who went dumpster diving were seen in the video removing the bag, looking inside, and finding the newborn, New York Post reported.

The man who found the baby told the authorities that he, his girlfriend, and another friend thought they heard crying coming from one of the bags.

The three people who discovered the child were identified by the police as Michael Green, Hector Jasso, and April Nuttal.

According to Acting Police Chief August Fons, the three found the baby wrapped in a "dirty, wet towel" covered in dried blood. Fons furthered that the umbilical cord of the child was still attached during that time.

"Their collective quick response to this emergency, including notification of 911, was absolutely pivotal in saving the baby's life.

The son of the New Mexico teen mom was brought to a hospital in Hobbs before being transferred to another hospital in Lubbock, Texas. Medical experts said that the newborn's temperature did not register when they assessed him, indicating the child had hypothermia.

Avila's son was since then given a blood transfusion and put on a feeding tube and oxygen.

As of Monday, the baby is in stable condition.

New Mexico Teen Mom Says She Panicked

According to reports, Avila confessed to throwing her child away. The teen mom told the law enforcement authorities that she had been sick with stomach pains for the past week and she visited a doctor on January 6, who told her that she was pregnant.

The following day, Avila claimed that she delivered her son in the bathroom of her parents' home.

Avila shared that she cut the umbilical cord in panic, wrapped her son in a towel, placed him in a white plastic bag containing some trash and a larger trash bag.

The New Mexico teen mom was certain that the father of her child was her ex-boyfriend whom she dated for a year before they go their separate ways in August.

Meanwhile, Avila's mother claimed that she had no idea about her daughter's pregnancy and that she only noticed her daughter gained some weight but did not think "anything of it."

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