Every great story has an origin, every place has a history, and that's the beauty of life. Everyone is born with unique ambitions and talents to help them achieve these dreams. Education can arguably only be a propeller that can help you realize these dreams. It will give you a competitive edge to overcome the many hurdles that might come your way. However, being educated does not guarantee direct success. Similarly, a lack of education does not guarantee direct failure.   

High school dropout Caden Boof is a classic example of a self-made success story. Caden is a notable e-commerce entrepreneur running a multi-million dollar business empire. He found his fortunes in the online space with e-commerce, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. The self-taught entrepreneur also teaches other teenagers the different ways they can make money. Caden shares his expertise through insightful content shared on TikTok and YouTube. He influences a ton of teenagers on social media by imparting skills that are never taught in schools. Caden wants to teach teenagers to understand that there are different routes to take, and you don't just have to rely on your college education and work a 9 to 5 job. 

Growing up, Caden lived in a small town with many poor to middle-class people. This environment meant he did not learn anything about making money and financial literacy. It took him years of trial and error, with intense searching through the internet to discover how to make money. He invested many hours watching YouTube videos, Googling stuff, listening to podcasts, and reading books to enrich his knowledge. This is how he educated himself and got to his present level of success. 

Caden's biggest challenge was going to high school every day and feeling like he was wasting his time learning information that he would never use. Caden's online businesses were making him so much money, and he knew he could scale them further if only he could put all his time and energy into them. He would sit in class checking his phone to look at his businesses sales, and he couldn't understand how the teacher who was supposed to be preparing him for his future was making less money than he was. This led Caden to switch to online schooling and spend extra time working on his businesses, and everything took off, multiplying his income. 

"I believe the school system doesn't teach us the right things, and they don't teach it in the correct ways. It doesn't teach kids how to come up with ideas and think for themselves; it just puts them in rows and makes them do what they're told. School turns students into employees. We need more innovators and fewer people doing what they're told and following the leader," Caden explains.

Moving forward, Caden wants to continue posting a ton of educational videos on TikTok and YouTube to teach teenagers what school doesn't. He is also looking forward to growing his e-commerce businesses. Caden's biggest goal is to one day change the school system and encourage it to teach kids better information in a much better way.