"WWE Monday Night Raw" kicked off with The Authority congratulating the winners of the Money In The Bank (MITB) matches -- Seth Rollins (who won title shot winning the MITB briefcase) and newly-crowned WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena -- who defeated Intercontinental Champion Sheamus, Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, Kane and Roman Reigns in a MITB match in the main event to win the title.

Triple H asked Cena to come to the ring where he announced the champ would be on the cover of the new WWE2K15 video game. Cena said he was flattered, but did not trust Triple H. He also guaranteed he would give Daniel Bryan a title shot upon his return to the ring. Triple H said they could either do this the easy way and cooperate with The Authority or the hard way. Cena responded he would rather go the difficult route. Triple H then announced the main event for Battleground, Cena would defend his title in a Fatal Fourway match against Reigns, Kane, and Randy Orton. The WWE COO also warned Cena that he always had a Plan B before Rollins made his way to the ring, glaring at Cena, for the opening match of the night.

Seth Rollins vs Rob Van Dam
Rollins -- coming off his MITB victory over RVD, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, and Jack Swagger -- blasted Van Dam with the Curb Stomp for the win. After the match, while being interviewed by Renee Young, Rollins was interrupted by Dean Ambrose, who appeared on the TitanTron to warn Rollins that anytime he attempts to cash in the MITB suitcase, he will be there to ruin his moment.
Winner: Seth Rollins

Rusev and Lana came down to the ring to once again spout their new-school Cold War rhetoric before Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger interrupted them. Rusev attempted to attack Swagger but "The All-American" repelled the Bulgarian brute, staring Rusev down as he retreated.

Six-Man Tag Team match: WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos & Intercontinental Champion Sheamus vs The Wyatts
Coming off a successful title defense against Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, the Usos were not so lucky this time around, teaming with Sheamus, after Harper nearly decapitating Jey Uso with a Lariat to get the win for the crazy clan.
Winner: The Wyatts

The Funkadactyls def. Nikki Bella
After having the temerity of bringing her fired sister and Daniel Bryan's wife, Brie, to MITB, Stephanie McMahon scheduled Nikki to a Handicap Tag Team match against the Funkadactyls, who made quick work of Nikki despite her best efforts, after Naomi -- who made a blind-tag on Cameron while her partner was wobbled by Bella -- hit her opponent with an Inverted DDT for the victory. After the match, Cameron faced off with Naomi before walking away, angry at her tag team partner.
Winner: The Funkadactyls

Kofi Kingston vs Cesaro
Kingston surprised Cesaro with a roll-up as "The King of Swing" attempted a Neutralizer finisher. After the match, Cesaro decimated Kingston, in anger for losing the match. Kingston will get his chance at some measure of payback with both set to compete in a Battle Royal at Battleground for the Intercontinental Championship, which is currently vacant after Wade Barrett went down with a shoulder injury.
Winner: Kofi Kingston

Damien Sandow vs The Great Khali
After Sandow impersonated Mr. McMahon for a cheap laugh while putting himself in the Intercontinental Battle Royal, Stephanie McMahon scheduled a match against another Battle Royal participant -- The Great Khali, who chopped Sandow on the top of his skull for the squash victory.
Winner: The Great Khali

After it was announced that a former WWE would be returning, The Miz, fresh from his latest movie role came down to the ring, demanding he get the respect he deserves, before he was interrupted by another former WWE champion, Chris Jericho. Jericho hit The Miz with a Codebreaker to dismiss his trash-talk before the lights went out and the Wyatts joined Jericho in the ring when the lights came back on -- with the clan mauling Y2J, including Bray Wyatt hitting the Fozzy lead singer with Sister Abigail in his return to the WWE.

Fandango vs Dolph Ziggler
Summer Rae, still angry she lost the affections of Fandango, jumped into the ring to give Ziggler a kiss, which flustered Fandango long enough to eat a Zig Zag and get pinned for the loss.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Goldust & Stardust vs Ryback & Curtis Axel
The Brothers Dust have been on a roll since Cody Rhodes' transformation, once again defeating Ryback and Axel after Stardust planted Axel face-first into the mat to get the pin.
Winner: Goldust & Stardust

WWE Divas Championship match: Paige (champion) vs AJ Lee
Paige came out to the ring patting herself on the back about beating Naomi at MITB before she was interrupted by former Divas champion AJ -- who made her return to the WWE after an extended break. AJ reminded Paige about her record-breaking title run and goaded Paige into a title match despite the champ's hesitation. Paige took quick advantage before AJ slapped her and stunned her with a roll-up and the three-count to win back her WWE Divas Championship.
Winner AND new WWE Divas Champion: AJ Lee

WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena & Roman Reigns vs Kane & Randy Orton
The match eventually degenerated into melee that saw Reigns fighting with Orton all the way to the locker room while Kane attempted to put Cena away for good, smashing the steel steps atop the champion and then hitting Cena with a Tombstone Pile-Driver. Seth Rollins -- with the MITB suitcase in has hand and a referee by his side -- hurried to the ring, attempting to cash in his title match despite the doctors and insistence Cena be attended to -- before Dean Ambrose kept true to his word, attacking his former partner before the bell could ring. Kane was about to continue his assault until Reigns returned to the ring, speared Kane and stared down Triple H to end the show.
Winner: John Cena & Kane by disqualification