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WWE Raw Spoilers, Preview for July 20, 2015: Undertaker Returns at 'Battleground,' Challenges Brock Lesnar

"WWE Battleground" ended with the return of The Undertaker, but will he appear tonight on "Raw?"
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WWE Battleground Predictions, Pay Per View Matches, Schedule: Seth Rollins to Defeat Brock Lesnar?

"WWE Battleground" emanates from St. Louis, Missouri, where Randy Orton will definitely get his hometown cheers, but the show is not about him as two matches will overshadow him.
Roman Reigns, Big Show Intensify Rivalry

WWE SmackDown Spoilers, Results for July 16, 2015: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose Main Event Final Show Before 'Battleground'

"WWE SmackDown" was taped from Birmingham, Alabama, and it was the final show before this Sunday's "Battleground" pay-per-view event.
Brock Lesnar Retains His Title Defeating John Cena With Help From Seth Rollins

WWE Raw Spoilers, Preview for July 13: Brock Lesnar Confirmed For Final Monday Night Before 'Battleground'

The final "Monday Night Raw" before the "Battleground" has arrived from Atlanta, Georgia, and Brock Lesnar continues to wreck his way for Seth Rollins' WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
Brock Lesnar Retreats From John Cena Before Night Of Champions on WWE Raw

WWE SmackDown Spoilers, Results for July 9, 2015: Paul Heyman Confronts Seth Rollins, Will Brock Lesnar Appear?

"WWE SmackDown" landed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for its latest tapings, and while Brock Lesnar does not appear, his advocate Paul Heyman was on the show.
Will John Cena, Roman Reigns Stand Tall On WWE Raw?

WWE Raw Preview, Spoilers for Sept. 08, 2014: John Cena Looks Ahead to 'Night of Champions', Roman Reigns Battles Randy Orton in 'SummerSlam' Rematch

Also, Bray Wyatt and Chris Jericho look to end their feud in a "Steel Cage" match, Jerry Springer attempts to mediate the Bella Twins' family feud, and Mark Henry looks to induct Rusev into the "Hall of Pain."
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WWE Raw Preview, Spoilers for July 21, 2014: John Cena Retains Title at 'Battleground' but Will The Authority Reveal 'Plan C' Tonight?

Also, Flo Rida will perform for the WWE Universe Monday night as The Miz celebrates winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship at "Battleground," Jack Swagger and Rusev continue their epic Cold War, Chris Jericho looks out for The Wyatts who may be gunning for revenge after Bray Wyatt lost to Y2J Sunday night, Seth Rollins looks to shed himself of his Dean Ambrose problem, who has been nothing but a thorn on the side of the MITB suitcase holder.
Roman Reigns & John Cena

WWE News & Notes: Potential "Battleground" Spoiler - Will John Cena Drop WWE Title as he Gets set to Film new Judd Apatow Movie?

Also, Sting collaborates with WWE and their "WWE 2K15" video game premiering new commercial and discussing potential "Wrestlemania 31" match against The Undertake while KENTA official signs with WWE.
John Cena, Roman Reigns Collide at WWE Battleground Sunday

WWE Battleground 2014 Predictions, How to Watch: John Cena, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton in Action

The WWE Universe has been presented with one of the best pay-per-view cards this year with Battleground. Compared to 2013's "Battleground," the matches scheduled for this Sunday are a vast improvement from last year's mess.
Roman Reigns Gets Ready for WWE BattleGround

WWE SmackDown Spoilers, Results for July 18, 2014: Dean Ambrose Wants Payback as he Battles Kane

Also, Alberto Del Rio battles Kofi Kingston, United States Champion Sheamus teams up with Dolph Ziggler in a tag team bout against Fandango and The Miz, Chris Jericho prepares himself for his "Battleground" match against Bray Wyatt by facing Luke Harper, and WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee teams up with former champion Paige as they face new BFFs Layla and Summer Rae.
Randy Orton, Roman Reigns on Collision Course for WWE Raw

WWE Raw Preview, Spoilers for July 14, 2014: John Cena Teams Up With Shield Members Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose Against Kane, Randy Orton, & Seth Rollins

Also, Fandango tries to repair his love-life after getting beat down by Summer Rae and Layla, Chris Jericho continues to figure out the mysterious Wyatt Family, The Authority returns from vacation as they begin preparing for "Plan B" with "Battleground" just days away.
John Cena & Roman Reigns Stand Tall on WWE RAW

WWE Raw Results, Spoilers for July 8: John Cena Battles MITB Winner Seth Rollins in Main Event

Also, Paige and WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee team up against the Funkadactyls; Rob Van Dam tests Rusev, Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio help determine the No. 1 contender for the United States Championship; Chris Jericho returns to the ring against The Miz; and Bo Dallas puts his undefeated streak against El Torito.
Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns Have Ex-Friend Seth Rollins Locked in Their Sights

'WWE Raw Preview,' Spoilers for July 7, 2014: Will Dean Ambrose Ruin Seth Rollins' Championship Dreams?

Also, Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter continue their Cold War against Rusev and Lana, new WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee deals with former titleholder Paige, John Cena continues his battle against The Authority and Chris Jericho returns to the ring to battle The Miz while looking out for the Wyatt Family.
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WWE News & Notes 2014: Potential 'Battleground,' 'SummerSlam' and 'Night of Champions' Spoilers

Also, Chris Jericho returns to the company, Emma is fired and rehired after a minor legal issue, update on Daniel Bryan's health, and KENTA's set to hold an official signing ceremony with the WWE.
Seth Rollins & Triple H Make Presence Felt on WWE Smackdown

WWE SmackDown Spoilers, Results for July 4, 2014: Sheamus Defends US Title, Dean Ambrose Battles Randy Orton

Also, Chris Jericho - returning from a hiatus with the WWE - addresses the Wyatts' attack on him, Bo Dallas looks to stay undefeated, Antonio Cesaro takes on Big E Langston, and Damien Sandow battles the Bulgarian brute Alexander Rusev.
The Wyatts & Chris Jericho Clash on WWE Raw

WWE Raw Results, Spoilers for June 30, 2014: John Cena to Defend Title in Fatal 4-Way at "Battleground"

Also, the Intercontinental title is held up with a Battle Royal set for "Battleground" announced to determine the new champion, Summer Rae has found a new love interest, and Seth Rollins attempts to cash in his "Money In the Bank" contract.
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